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What Has Changed at Jordan Park?

Jordan Park Flyer, same text below.


As part of its redevelopment, Jordan Park has transitioned from Public Housing to Project-Based Vouchers.


  • Funded by the federal government
  • SPHA owns and manages the Public Housing properties
  • Tenants earn 80 percent or below of the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Tenants typically pay 30 percent of their adjusted monthly income for rent
  • This program is historically under-funded, which could result in properties deteriorating over time


  • Federal government provides funding through rental subsidies but does not provide operating funds
  • Project-Based Vouchers are tied to specific privately-owned buildings or units
  • Tenants earn 80 percent or below of the AMI
  • Tenants typically pay 30 percent of their adjusted monthly income for rent
  • This is the new funding platform for Jordan Park, which attracts private sector partners and allows for long-term community sustainability


Why did Jordan Park transition from Public Housing to Project-Based Vouchers?

  • Originally built between 1939 and 1941, Jordan Park made history as St. Petersburg's first Public Housing community. 80 years later, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved the Jordan Park redevelopment proposal, which changed the funding structure from Public Housing to Project-Based Vouchers.
  • This critical change allowed SPHA to access the funds needed to kickstart the long-awaited community revitalization project and to protect the community's future.
  • The rents and fees at Jordan Park are set to ensure the long-term sustainability for the community, ensuring that it provides affordable housing for low-income families and seniors for years to come.

How has SPHA assisted former residents with relocation?

  • All former residents were provided with a full complement of resources, including utility reconnection, moving fees, and payment towards the new starting security deposit, and relocation to a comparable Public Housing or Housing Choice Voucher unit.
  • SPHA Social Services staff have also reached out to eligible former Historic Senior Village residents interested in relocating to the new senior property, The Legacy at Jordan Park, to assist them.

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