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10/22/20 RISE Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Virtual Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the RISE Development Corporation October 22, 2020

Director James Dates, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. At roll call, the following were in attendance:

Present at Roll:       

  • Director James Dates, Chair
  • Director Jerrilyn Evans
  • Director Terri Lipsey Scott
  • Director Angel Charlton

Absent at Roll:         

  • Director Stephanie Owens

Staff Present:           

  • Michael Lundy, Chief Executive Officer
  • Robin Adams, Asset Management Officer
  • Larry Butler, Social Services Officer
  • Audria Davis, Compliance Officer
  • Larry Gonzalez, Housing Choice Voucher Officer
  • Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer
  • Andrea Joyal, Acting Finance Officer
  • Jackie Roberson, Human Resources Officer
  • Mikayla Gleason, Communications Specialist

Others Present:       

  • Ric Gilmore, Attorney, Saxon Gilmore & Carraway, P.A.
  • Rose Coman, NIC Sign Language Interpreter
  • Rebecca Hill, NIC Sign Language Interpreter
  • Marianne Edmonds, PRAG Advisors

SUBJECT: Swearing in of New Resident Director, Ms. Angel Charlton

The Board welcomed Director Charlton and Michael Lundy, CEO, performed the swearing in ceremony.

SUBJECT: Approval of the Agenda

BOARD ACTION: Director Lipsey Scott made a motion to approve the agenda. Director Evans seconded the motion. There was no further discussion and a vote was called. Immediately following the vote, attorney Ric Gilmore spoke on the Governor's order regarding virtual meetings. Mr. Gilmore also instructed Director Charlton on how to vote on agenda items she was not present for.

  • Director James Dates  YES
  • Director Jerrilyn Evans  YES
  • Director Terri Lipsey Scott  YES

*Director Owens presence was unknown at the time of the vote, so her name was not called.

SUBJECT: Public Forum

There was no Public Forum

SUBJECT: Approval of Minutes of the September 24, 2020 Regular Board Meeting

BOARD ACTION: Director Evans motioned to approve the minutes. Director Lipsey Scott seconded the motion. There was no further discussion and a vote was called.

  • Director James Dates  YES
  • Director Jerrilyn Evans  YES
  • Director Terri Lipsey Scott  YES
  • Director Angel Charlton  PRESENT

SUBJECT: Financial Reports

A.   Resolution #35 Approval of Write-Off of Vacated Public Housing Tenant Accounts

Robin Adams, Asset Management Officer, presented Resolution #35, regarding removal of tenant account receivable balances from Jordan Park accounting records, to the Board. Director Lipsey Scott motioned to approve the resolution. Director Dates seconded the motion. Director Evans asked Ms. Adams if the former residents ever attempted to apply for additional funding made available to them. Ms. Adams clarified the write-offs were not regarding non-payment of rent terminations. A vote was called.

  • Director James Dates  YES
  • Director Jerrilyn Evans  YES
  • Director Terri Lipsey Scott  YES
  • Director Angel Charlton  PRESENT

B.   September 2020 Financial Report

Andrea Joyal, Acting Finance Officer, presented the September 2020 Financial Report. Director Lipsey Scott asked for clarification on the Jordan Park Redevelopment Expenses. Ms. Joyal explained that multiple invoices can be paid on one check, which is why some check numbers appear multiple times. Ms. Joyal and Director Lipsey Scott discussed the possibility of holding a workshop to go over reported expenditures. There was extensive discussion between the Board, Mr. Lundy and SPHA staff. Attorney Ric Gilmore advised the Board a workshop would be the best way to continue discussion on the matter. The Directors agreed to a workshop and asked Mr. Lundy to schedule a suitable time. 

SUBJECT: Old Business

Director Evans asked Mr. Lundy if auditor Brian Nemeroff had provided any further information on the valuation of SPHA-owned land. Mr. Lundy informed the Board no additional information had been received and agreed to follow up with Mr. Nemeroff.

SUBJECT: New Business

Mr. Lundy updated the Board on the Jordan Park redevelopment. He informed the Board meetings were held with numerous residents where they were informed of the proposed upgrades and changes. Mr. Lundy also had one-on-one meetings with former residents of the Jordan Park Senior Village to discuss remodel plans. A majority of the senior residents expressed interest in a new senior midrise.

SPHA staff conducted a relocation survey of Jordan Park residents and had thus far spoken to 58 families who expressed a desire to explore homeownership as a permanent relocation option, 40 families who indicated they wished to temporarily relocate on-site, 11 families who stated they were interested in temporarily or permanently moving in with a relative and seven heads of households who were interested in receiving a Housing Choice Voucher as a permanent relocation option.           

Mr. Lundy informed the Board redevelopment meetings are being continuously held with relevant team members to discuss everything from financials to timeline. He reported a consensus has been reached regarding a redevelopment strategy. Mr. Lundy asked to schedule a work session with the Board to present proposed recommendations. Attorney Ric Gilmore advised Mr. Lundy a special call meeting would be more suitable than a workshop. There was extensive discussion between Director Lipsey Scott and Mr. Lundy regarding the senior village.

Director Lipsey Scott asked the Board if there was any new information on the appointment of another director. No updates or additional information were available.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:54 a.m.

Approved and adopted on this 19th day of November 2020