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RFP #20-003 Janitorial Service for Central Office

Janitorial Service for Central Office

August 14, 2020 - Pre-Conference Meeting Minutes & RFI Responses

August 24, 2020 - Addendum No. 1 for RFP #20-003

For a printable, formatted version of RFP#20-003 (all of which is included below), click here.

RFP # 20-003
August 3, 2020

Date: August 3, 2020
Project Title: Janitorial Service for Central Office
Delivery Date/Time: August 20, 2020
Deadline: September 3, 2020  Rescheduled to September 10, 2020
TO: Qualified Firms
SUBJECT: Request for Proposals (RFP) # 20-003

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority ('SPHA' or 'Authority'), St. Petersburg, Florida, is seeking proposals from qualified responsible applicants (the 'Applicant' or 'Proposer') to conduct professional janitorial services for our central office located at 2001 Gandy Blvd North, St. Petersburg, Florida. RFP also includes as-needed deep clean & sanitizing services at any SPHA property. The Contractor will provide necessary routine interior cleaning and specified building maintenance services for the housing authority's 12,756 square foot facility.

A Pre-Proposal conference shall be held at the St. Petersburg Housing Authority's Office located at 2001 Gandy Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL, 33702 at 12:30 p.m. Friday, August 14.  Although not mandatory, it is recommended that all interested Proposers attend. Due to COVID-19, CDC Guidelines of Social Distancing, and the City's mask policy, ALL Attendees must pre-register by email by Aug 12 and must wear a face mask within the building.

To encourage contact-less delivery and practice CDC guidelines, each Proposer may submit their Electronic Proposal by email per Submission Requirements in Section H of the RFP, attention: Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer. Proposers do have the option of submitting their Proposal via mail, and if so, should submit one (1) unbound original and one (1) USB of its Proposal per Submission Requirements in Section H of the RFP to the St. Petersburg Housing Authority, attention: Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer, 2001 Gandy Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33702.  Proposals will be accepted until 11:00 a.m., Thursday, September 3, 2020.

Proposals must be clearly identified in the email subject line, or marked on the outside of the envelope or any carrier's envelope as - "Request for Proposals #20-003 Janitorial Service for Central Office".

Any Proposal received after the specified time and date will not be considered. All Proposals must be received and time-date stamped by an SPHA employee at the address listed above, on or before the above specified time and date. If you choose to mail in your Proposal, it must be mailed return receipt requested and arrive by the specified time, regardless of the postmark date. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

By submission of a Proposal the Applicant agrees, if its Proposal is accepted, to enter into a Contract with the Housing Authority to complete all work as specified or indicated in the Contract documents for the Contract price and within the Contract time indicated in the attached RFP #20-003. Proposer further accepts all of the terms and conditions of the RFP.

Proposals should be prepared in accordance with instructions contained within the RFP and will remain valid for 90 days. SPHA will not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of proposals. Proposals shall be evaluated by SPHA as stated in the evaluation factors noted in the RFP. Oral presentations, if deemed necessary by SPHA, will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time. SPHA reserves the right to request additional information concerning any and/or all Proposals submitted. A request for additional information may be e-mailed or faxed within 48 hours of the stated deadline for submission of additional information. NOTE:  SPHA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if such action is in the best interest of the housing authority and to waive any and all informalities and minor irregularities, at its sole discretion.  SPHA reserves the right to cancel this solicitation for any reason it deems is in the best interest of the agency.

Questions regarding the attached RFP should be directed to Pamela Hobbs at (727) 323-3171 ext. 222.

Michael Lundy, Chief Executive Officer


RFP # 20-003
Janitorial Service for Central Office

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA), St. Petersburg, Florida, is seeking proposals from qualified responsible applicants (the 'Applicant' or 'Proposer') to conduct professional janitorial services for our central office located at 2001 Gandy Blvd North, St. Petersburg, Florida. RFP also includes as-needed deep clean & sanitizing services at any SPHA property. The Contractor will provide necessary routine interior cleaning and specified building maintenance related cleaning services for the housing authority's 12,756 square foot facility, in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


August 2, 2020 - Advertise Request for Proposals
August 3, 2020 - Request for Proposal Documents Available
August 14, 2020 - Site Visit, 12:30 p.m. EST - Due to COVID-19 and CDC Guidelines Recommending Social Distancing, Attendees Must Pre-register by email by Aug 5, and Must Wear A Mask
August 20, 2020 - Deadline to Submit Questions, 11:00 a.m. EST
September 3, 2020 - Proposals are due by 11:00 a.m. EST

SPHA reserves the right to request additional information concerning any and/or all proposals submitted.


Proposals may be downloaded from our website at See "Doing Business" tab.

Proposals should be prepared in accordance with instructions contained within the RFP and will remain valid for 90 days. SPHA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if such action is in the best interest of the Housing Authority and to waive any and all informalities and minor irregularities. SPHA reserves the right to cancel this solicitation for any reason it deems is in the best interest of the Agency.

Michael Lundy, Chief Executive Officer

The Authority is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer



All Exhibits listed below will need to be completed with your submission. Click here to go to the Additional Forms page, for all the Exhibit forms.

  1. HUD Form 5369-B (8/93), Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction
  2. HUD Form 5369-C (8/93), Certifications and Representations of Offerors Non-Construction Contract
  3. Supplemental Instructions to Proposers & Contractors (SIPC)
  4. HUD Form 5370-C (01/2014), General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts Section I (With or without Maintenance Work)
  5. Non-Construction Contractor's Certification of Record of Previous Participation in Federal, State or Local Government Funded Contracts
  6. Certification of Authorization to Execute Contract
  7. Non-Collusive Affidavit of Contractor/Subcontractor
  8. Conflicts of Interest
  9. Sworn Statement Pursuant to Section 287.133(3)(a), Florida Statutes, on Public Entity Crime
  10. Diversity Statement
  11. MBE/WBE/SBE Certificate (provided by proposer)
  12. MBE/WBE/SBE Utilization Summary
  13. Section 3 Contracting Forms
  14. Sample Contract
  15. Cleaning Specifications Form
  16. Facility Diagram
  17. Proposer's Information Form
  18. Price Schedule Form

RFP # 20-003
Janitorial Service for Central Office


In accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Handbook 7460.8 REV-2, Florida Statutes and with other applicable laws, the St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA) formally requests competitive proposals from qualified responsible applicants to and provide necessary routine interior cleaning and specified building maintenance related cleaning services for the housing authority's central office, and as-needed deep clean & sanitizing services at any SPHA property.

A-1       Type of Contract

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority intends to enter into a Contract with a single firm for the requested services. The term resulting from this solicitation shall begin on or about October 1, 2020. If awarded, this will be a "fixed fee" form of Contract. The method of payment to the successful Proposer shall be on a fixed fee basis with a maximum "not to exceed" fee as set by the Proposer in the proposal or as negotiated between the Proposer and SPHA as being the maximum cost to perform all work. This figure shall include direct costs and overhead, such as, but limited to, transportation, communications, subsistence and materials. Payments will be based on monthly invoices. The Agency anticipates it will initially award a Contract for a period of 3 (three) years with the option, at the Agency's discretion, of 2 (two) additional one-year option periods, for a total maximum Contract period of 5 years. Per the Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) between SPHA and HUD, SPHA may determine the term as it deems reasonable.  SPHA reserves the right not to exercise the option year(s).

B-1       Background

The Housing Authority of the City of St. Petersburg, Florida (also known as the St. Petersburg Housing Authority)

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority, Florida, was created pursuant to Chapter 421, Florida Statutes for the purpose of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing to low-income residents of the City of St. Petersburg. Currently, SPHA owns and manages a variety of low-income and affordable housing units and administers Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers along with supportive service programs for its residents. Together, these programs provide quality and sustainable housing opportunities for approximately 4,000 qualifying households.

A seven-person Board of Commissioners, authorized by the laws of the State of Florida, appointed by the Mayor, is responsible for the development of housing policy and the authorization of expenditures. SPHA's jurisdiction includes the City of St. Petersburg and extends in a ten-mile radius outside the City limits.

Founded in 1937, the St. Petersburg Housing Authority is one of the oldest housing authorities in the nation and is continually rated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a "High Performing" agency.

Michael Lundy serves as the agency's Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners.

Several years ago, SPHA embarked on a plan to reposition its Public Housing portfolio and expand affordable housing units throughout St. Petersburg. Repositioning strategies include the disposition of former Public Housing communities; acquisition and development of new mixed income communities; and conversion of all remaining Public Housing to Project Based Rental Assistance.

B-2       Scope of Services

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority central office is a 7-year old 12,756 sf building (concrete block building with asphalt shingle roofing on wood trusses, stucco and split-face block exterior finishes) on a 1.6-acre site located at the northeast corner of the intersection of I-275 and Gandy Boulevard in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. A PDF of the office building is attached to this Scope for reference. The cleanable square footage is less than the entire building footprint.

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority expects the facilities specified herein to be cleaned and maintained at a level of quality commensurate with the highest standards of professional janitorial service. The Contractor shall furnish crew of reliable and experienced janitors to perform all janitorial services and adhere to all policies, regulations and parameters set forth by the St. Petersburg Housing Authority within this Scope of Services.

SPHA will pre-schedule with Contractor deep clean and sanitizing services for various SPHA offices besides the Central Office. In the event of special or unusual conditions, SPHA may require the Contractor to provide additional janitorial or cleaning services not covered by these specifications. Payment will be made at a rate negotiated with the Contractor. These services will be billed as part of the next regularly scheduled Contractor's invoice, but should be listed separately on the invoice. Orders for special services may be placed orally (in the event of an emergency) or in writing by authorized SPHA personnel.

  1. SCHEDULING of Work: The Contractor shall provide janitorial services Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. All work must be completed by 9 p.m. Holiday scheduling must be presented to the housing authority a minimum of a month in advance. Attached is the SPHA's 2020 Holiday Schedule.
  2. Performance Standards
    The Authority shall be the sole determinant of all standards referenced in these specifications, including but not limited to, standards of cleanliness and the measurement thereof (performance standards), standards of green cleaning products and methods, standards of conduct, dress standards, standards for management response and cooperation, etc., complaints, concerns, or comments presented by the Authority regarding any of these standards and the measure of the Contractor's performance thereunder shall not be subject to debate.
  3. Regular DAILY Services Required
      1. Clean and disinfect restroom sinks (disposable items left in sink are to be discarded).
      2. Wipe down and disinfect all counters.
      3. Wipe down and sanitize all light fixtures and switches with disinfectant, taking care to not wet delicate electronic components.
      4. Sweep and mop floors.
      5. Thoroughly clean outside and inside all toilets (both sides of toilet seats), urinals, showers, and lavatories with a solution containing a commercial grade, approved germicidal disinfectant.
      6. Empty, clean with disinfectant, and install appropriate liners into sanitary napkin disposal and trash receptacles.
      7. Empty, clean, and install new toilet seat liners in all wall-mounted receptacles.
      8. Wet mop and rinse lavatory and shower floor areas with germicidal solution. Clean/spot clean walls, backsplash/walls around sinks, urinals, toilet bowls and partitions to remove spots and splashes.
      9. Clean mirrors and polish bright metals.
      10. Dust top of lavatory partitions.
      11. Clean soap dispensers and clean off drip marks on the walls.
      12. Replenish all soap dispensers as necessary.
      13. Refill all paper product dispensers (hand towels, toilet tissue, seat cover dispensers).
      14. Dust moldings and ledges.
      15. Check and change as necessary the automated restroom deodorizers.
      1. Empty and clean with disinfectant all kitchen/breakrooms wastebaskets and insert new, appropriate plastic liners in all wastebaskets and containers, including all breakrooms.
      2. Empty and clean with disinfectant, as necessary, office and other spaces, waste baskets and insert new, appropriate plastic liners in all wastebaskets and containers.
      3. Remove and deposit all trash into outside City trash dumpster for pick-up.
      4. Clean by sweeping and mopping all floors, including halls and interview areas.
      5. Vacuum all carpeted areas. Be sure to return furniture to its appropriate location.
      6. Spot clean or damp mop all spots/stains.
      7. Vacuum and clean all floor mats and the floor beneath. Be sure to return furniture to its appropriate location.
      8. Clean all marks and smudges from lobby counters, chairs, and other lobby furniture.
      9. Clean and remove smudges from lobby windows.
      10. Vacuum all upholstered furniture in common areas.
      11. Wash all entrance door glass (inside and outside) and frames to remove hand marks and smudges. Sanitize handles.
      12. Clean and polish all door kickplates and sanitize handles.
      13. Clean and disinfect the drinking fountain and all kitchen and breakroom sinks (throwaway items left in the sink are to be discarded).
      14. Clean and polish backsplash areas and bright metals.
      15. Wipe down all breakroom counters with disinfectant.
      16. Wipe down all breakroom chairs with disinfectant.
      17. Wipe down and sanitize all light fixtures & switches with disinfectant, taking care to not wet delicate electronic components.
      18. Refill all paper product dispensers.
      19. Replenish all soap.
      20. Clean all microwaves.
      21. Clean office and conference room windows and door glass inserts.
      1. Empty outside trash receptacles and deposit trash into City trash dumpster. Clean the sand on top as well as when low, dirty, or wet. SPHA supplies the sand.
      2. Clear entrance grounds and immediate sidewalks of trash and deposit into City trash dumpster.
      3. Police dumpster area, ensuring that all trash is in the dumpster. Notify SPHA staff if dumpster is full or has not been emptied and disinfected by City sanitation department.
  4. WEEKLY Services Required
    1. Dust and polish Board Room and both Conference Room tables. Dust beneath the tables and along the legs, including decorative items.
    2. Dust tops of cubicles.
    3. Polish stainless steel: TP holders, robe hooks, napkin dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, restroom partitions stainless steel bases, trash cans, grab bars, mirror frames, faucets and toilet flush mechanisms. NOTE: inform SPHA if discoloration or rusting appears that is not a result of Contractor's use of appropriate cleaning/polishing material.
  5. BI-WEEKLY Services Required
    Contractor shall perform the following services every other Friday.
    1. Dust all desktops (if cleared of paperwork), tops of file cabinets, tables, other furniture, pictures (and frames), window sills and ledges with the appropriate equipment.
    2. Remove (dispose) all items from the refrigerator, excluding unopened containers, condiments, water, soft drinks and sealed reusable food containers. Post a notice to the refrigerators at least a day prior to the clean out or post a yearly schedule.
    3. Clean and disinfect equipment in the Wellness Center.
    4. Dust all baseboards with a damp cloth.
  6. MONTHLY Services Required
    Contractor shall perform the following services monthly.
    1. Wipe down/clean refrigerators, outside and inside.
    2. Dust above hand height, including but not limited to vents, fixtures, cabinets, vending machines, door frames, shelves, pictures (and frames), etc.
    3. Wipe/clean/remove any visible dust from heating/air conditioning vents.
    4. Vacuum all upholstered furniture.
    5. Move all telephone and electrical cords and sweep, damp mop, and/or vacuum all floor surfaces.
  7. QUARTERLY Services Required
    Contractor shall perform the following services quarterly.
    1. Wax applicable floors (if stripping is necessary, contact SPHA - see below Optional Services).
    2. Dust/clean all a/c vents, ductwork, diffusers (supply exhaust and return) and light fixtures.
    3. Remove all cobwebs (if any) from corners, ceilings and window frames.
  8. SEMI-ANNUAL Services Required
    Contractor shall perform the following services every six (6) months. Successful Proposer must provide an acceptable schedule to SPHA.
    1. Clean all interior windows in the building.
    2. All electrical equipment rooms: dust; sweep/dry mop floors*
    3. Server room: dust; sweep and/ or dry/damp mop floors*
    4. A/V Closet: dust; sweep and/ or dry/damp mop floors*
    5. Warehouse: dust; sweep and/ or dry/damp mop floors*
    6. Fire/sprinkler room: dust; sweep and/ or dry/damp mop floors*
    7. Fire pump closet: dust; sweep and/ or dry/damp mop floors*

      *Notice must be given as these rooms are always locked. Additionally, SPHA will expect recommendation of full floor and/or room cleaning if such needed condition is observed by Contractor.

  9. Carpet Cleaning Services Required
    Contractor shall be prepared to perform the following services every six (6) months.
    These services will be scheduled and authorized upon written request.
    Contractor shall provide a fixed, itemized cost.
    1. All carpeted areas shall be steam cleaned or shampooed. Using industry approved cleaning methods and equipment (SPHA reserves the right to Contract this out). Contractor must protect electrical and phone receptacles in the floor. Any damage resulting will be charged to the Contractor.
  10. Value-Added OPTIONAL Services
    Contractor shall provide a fixed, itemized cost for the value-added services below. These services will be requested through written authorization.
    1. Upholstery cleaning
    2. Exterior window cleaning
    3. Parking lot sweeping
    4. "Emergency" Response
      If an emergency arises (such as flooding of a particular section of the building) the Contractor shall divert his force, or such part thereof as deemed necessary by SPHA, from their normal assigned duties to meet these conditions. When these employees are no longer needed, they shall be directed by the Contractor to return to their normal duties. The Contractor shall not be penalized because the normal daily work which otherwise would have been performed had to be neglected, but every effort must be made to complete Contract requirements.
    5. Floor refinishing
      1. Strip, rinse and refinish resilient floor surfaces (using minimum of two coats of floor finish).
      2. Burnish or spray buff within seven days; sweep/dust mop to remove debris.
      3. Strip and rinse ceramic and other pre-finished bathroom tile.
      4. Baseboards should be cleaned and free of spotting, streaking, debris, etc.
      5. Strip, rinse and finish all hard resilient flooring (using minimum of three coats of floor finish).
      6. Buff or spray buff within seven days; sweep/dust mop to remove debris, strings, etc

        SPHA will not be liable to Contractor for payments for any extra work performed by Contractor without written directive of authorized SPHA personnel.
  11. Other Services
    1. Contractor may be asked to dispose of bulky or unusual items from time to time.
    2. Breakdown any cardboard boxes generated by supplies, materials or equipment and place in the dumpster.
  12. Deep Clean & Sanitizing Services
    1. Contractor will employ a viral shield services that will kill 99.99% of germs.
    2. Deep cleaning that will keep the facility safe from Coronavirus and other diseases.
    3. Contractor will abide by manufacturer instructions of materials and chemicals used; and abide by the designated time set by the manufacturer to successfully kill germs and bacteria.
    4. Cleaning will include sanitization and cleaning of walls, bathrooms, all handles, all surfaces, all walls.
    5. Services will be conducted on Fridays, late afternoon or on Saturdays.
    6. A price per square foot must be identified on the Schedule.
  13. Miscellaneous
    1. Do NOT use soured, soiled cloths, sponges, etc.
    2. Turn out all lights except those required and designated to be left on. Set automated alarm system upon completion of janitorial service if no staff has arrived on the premises.
    3. Leave any sensitive documents found in the trash (i.e. documents with a client's personal information) on the desk of the Executive Office Manager (EOM) with a note indicating where the document was observed.
    4. Leave written notice of any irregularities noted during servicing, i.e. defective plumbing fixtures, electrical problems, burned-out lights, breakage or damage to bulbs, suspected vandalism/damage, etc. Contractor is to furnish a log book for the purpose of relating concerns received throughout the day for the selected Contractor. This log book will be kept in the Executive break room and be available for the contactor's review prior to each cleaning.
    5. No personal items, with the exception of jewelry and medication, will be allowed in the building during work hours. The SPHA shall not be responsible to the Contractor or any of the Contractor's employees for loss of property.
    6. Contractor employees are to turn in Lost and Found articles to the SPHA's central office, Executive Office Manager.
  14. Work Not Included
    Contractor shall not be required to wash any dishes, pots, pans, or kitchen utensils as part of the Contract.
  15. Supplies & Equipment
    1. SPHA will supply all restroom and employee breakroom supplies, except trash bags, such as paper towels, toilet paper, liquid anti-bacterial hand soap, odor neutralizers, sanitary liners, and seat liners.
    2. The Contractor is responsible for all janitorial supplies and equipment necessary to properly preform the above work. These supplies and equipment consist of, but are not limited to, plastic bags and liners, mops, dusting cloths/feathers, brooms, brushes, microfiber mops, sponges, squeegees, porcelain ware cleaner, polishes, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, brushes, buckets, detergents, scouring powders, glass cleaner, disinfectants, wax, wax machines, shampoo or steam cleaning equipment, and commercial grade approved disinfectants and sanitizers.
    3. In order to minimize the health and environmental impacts of maintaining clean facilities, the Authority is giving preference to the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products and methods. Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products are preferable to be used during the entire term of the Contract. Contractor shall use only environmental preferable products in the following categories:  
      1. General-purpose cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, and carpet cleaners;
      2. Disinfectants;
      3. Other chemicals, as needed, to perform the duties of the particular job or function.  
        For purposes of this Contract, the Authority defines an environmentally preferable cleaning product as one that is certified through Green Seal GS-37, DfE (EPA's Design for the Environment) or the ECP/EcoLogo (Canada's Environmental Choice Program). Products that are not listed through one of these certification agencies will not be allowed to be used as part of this cleaning Contract. For more information on the certification agencies and product lists, see the following websites: (1) Green Seal (GS-37) or (2) EPA Design for the Environment  Prior to Contract award, the Contractor must provide a complete list of products, including Material Safety Data Sheets they will use. As stated above, the products must be certified through one of the three certifying agencies listed above with the exception of floor finishes and floor strippers. The use of any product not certified through one of the three certifying agencies must seek prior approval from SPHA.
    4. Changes to any products and/or product lists used as part of this Contract must be submitted in writing to SPHA authorized personnel, along with any new Material Safety Data Sheets. Noncompliant chemicals must be removed immediately from the building. Chemicals used for disinfection of blood and other potentially infectious material shall be on EPA's list of registered antimicrobial products effective against blood borne/body fluid pathogens.
    5. Provide to the Authority and post in the janitorial area, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals used or stored in the building.  The Contractor shall not use any material or supplies, which the Authority determines, would be unsuitable for the purpose, or offensive or harmful to any part of the facility, its contents, equipment, employees, or patrons.
    6. Provide all necessary cleaning equipment including, but not limited to, buffing machines, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, carpet extractors, etc., needed for the performance of the work of this Contract. Such equipment shall be of the size and type customarily used in work of this kind and shall meet all OSHA and local standards.  All equipment shall meet or exceed qualifications of GreenSeal (GS-42) or EcoLogo (CCD).  Equipment deemed by SPHA to be of improper type or design or inadequate for the purpose intended shall be replaced by the CONTRACTOR.  GreenSeal standards may be found at and ECOLOGO standards may be found at:
    7. Contractor shall not use any material or supplies that would be unsuitable, offensive or harmful to any part of the facility, its contents, employees or clients.
    8. Contractor may use air freshener in restrooms. SPHA supplies air freshener.
    9. Contractor may use unscented or lightly scented products in all other areas of the building that conform to c, d, and e above.
    10. Limited space is available for the Contractor to store basic equipment and supplies on site. The janitor closet should be maintained in an orderly and clean manner.
  16. Quality Control
    The Contractor shall have a complete quality control program to assure the requirements of the Contract are provided as specified. One copy of Contractor's quality control program for SPHA shall be provided to the Authority prior to start of services under the Contract. An updated copy must be provided to the Authority as changes occur.
    1. Contractor must have an inspection system that assures the satisfactory execution of all the services specified and all the conditions stipulated in this RFP.
    2. Contractor must have a method of identifying deficiencies in the quality of services performed before the level of service is deemed unacceptable.
    3. Contractor must keep a file of all inspections conducted and the corrective actions taken. This documentation shall be made available to SPHA upon request at any time during the life of the Contract.
    4. The Contractor shall contact SPHA at the end of each month to evaluate performance and review the log book. Additionally, a quarterly walkthrough and evaluation will be required and should be pre-scheduled at the beginning of the Contract.
  17. Supervision of Work
    Contractor shall conduct regular, systematic inspections of assigned work crew, and share the predetermined schedule, the grading system in place to benchmark results and provide trend analysis, and the inspection results with SPHA. Contractor shall be responsible for providing adequate supervision to assure competent and satisfactory performance of services required under the Contract. Contractor shall notify the SPHA in writing of any special comments on janitorial needs and/or any changes in established quality inspection parameters.
    1. Employee Conduct
      (1)   Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity, and shall be responsible for taking disciplinary action with respect to his/her employees as may be necessary.
      (2)   The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that his/her employees do not disturb paper on desks, open desk drawers or cabinets, filing systems, or use Authority phones or other equipment, except as authorized.
      (3)   Violations of standards of conduct may result in Contractor being instructed to remove such individuals from the building and/or not to use such individuals for the work of this Contract. Contractor shall be required to reimburse the Authority when specific monetary loss can directly be attributed to the misuse of property/equipment, and/or damages to Authority property by Contractor's employee.
    2. If upon routine inspection SPHA determines that the facility has not been serviced according to the specifications, a notation will be made in the log book, and/or an email sent to the company's representative outlining the deficiencies. Failure to cure to SPHA's satisfaction within five (5) days of the notification will result in no payments being made to Contractor for missed work. Prior to submitting a request for payment, Contractor must request an inspection with SPHA. Such request for inspection must be in writing. Continued failure to perform may result in termination of the Contract.
  18. Personnel & Security
    All employees performing work under the Contract must comply with all security and administrative requirements of the Authority. 

    The Contractor firm shall employ and supervise personnel with appropriate qualifications and experience and in sufficient numbers to provide all services required under the Contract. All persons engaged by the Proposer shall be the sole and exclusive employees of the Contractor and shall be paid by the Contractor. Contractor will provide only trained personnel. Contractor employees shall conduct themselves at all times in a proper and respectful manner. If at any time SPHA determines that any employee of the Contractor firm is unsatisfactory in any material respect, SPHA may request Contractor to exclude the employee from work under this Contract.

    The Contractor will not be allowed to treat employees as Independent Contractors (See Also B-3). No individuals or subcontractors classified as Independent Contractors, pursuant to the United States Internal Revenue Service definition, shall be permitted to work on any part of this Contract, or in or on the premises of any Authority building, as an express term and condition of this proposal. The Contractor shall accept full responsibility for ensuring that adequate Worker's Compensation Insurance is available for each of his/her employees.

    Contractor will bond employees for dishonesty, theft or damage. Contractor must ensure that all required background checks are provided prior to the employees obtaining access to provide services. The Authority may refuse access to or require replacement of, any personnel for cause, including but not limited to, technical or training qualifications, quality of work, change in security status, or non-compliance with the Authority's security or other requirements. Such approval shall not relieve the Contractor of its obligation to perform all work in compliance with the Contract.

    The Authority reserves the right to exercise full and complete control over granting, denying, withholding, withdrawing, or terminating clearances for employees. The Authority may, as it deems appropriate, authorize and grant temporary clearance to Contractor employees. However, the granting of a temporary clearance to any such employee shall not be considered as assurance that a full clearance will follow. Additionally, such temporary clearance or the granting of full clearance shall in no way prevent, preclude or bar the withdrawal or termination of any such clearances by SPHA.

    Contractor employees will not engage in the use of illegal drugs or alcohol on the job.

    Contractor employees will not smoke in the SPHA facility.

    Contractor employees will not bring firearms, weapons or explosives on the premises.

    Contractor employees will not consume food or drink in any areas other than those areas approved by SPHA, such as breakrooms.

    It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to clean up and/or rectify any damage to SPHA property caused by any individuals employed by the Contractor, to SPHA's satisfaction.

    1. IDENTIFICATION: No Contractor employee will be able to work without a current identification badge. All Contractor employees shall wear a current company ID badge and uniform at all times while on SPHA property.
      1. Photocopies of all badges are to be supplied to the SPHA, Executive Office Manager, prior to start of Contract and before each new employee begins work.
    2. ACCESS CONTROL: Contractor shall be given means of access to all rooms requiring cleaning. Any area to which Contractor is provided access, by means of a key/key code, shall be opened for the purpose of cleaning only. Immediately upon completion of cleaning, the area shall be secured.
      1. If an employee terminates from the Contractor's employment, the Contractor MUST notify the SPHA immediately. Contractor is responsible to have the employee return all keys and any other belongings that the Contractor has provided to the employee in order to be able to carry out their janitorial duties on SPHA property. Contractor must destroy the SPHA issued door code and obtain a new access door code.
      2. No person or persons shall be permitted access to secured areas by any Contract personnel. Contractor will be held strictly accountable for damages or breaches of security caused by its employees.
      3. Contractor will not prop doors open.
      4. Contractor will not admit anyone entry into the building. Permitted staff already have key/key card/key code access.
      5. If keys/key cards/key codes are lost, the Contractor will be financially responsible for necessary lock changes, key reissuances, and call-out charges for access, and such cost shall be deducted from the current invoice.
      6. Contractor shall be responsible for securing all entries to the building prior to departure if no staff is on the premises prior to Contractor departure.  
      7. Contractor is responsible for activating any alarm systems. If authorized staff are present and remaining after Contractor departure, Contractor must inform personnel that they are vacating the building and staff is responsible for alarming the system.

B-3       Qualifications

The Proposer should propose a plan as to how basic services and any suggested and/or enhanced services will be performed. The plan should include the number of personnel recommended to satisfactorily execute the services; when services will be performed; and estimated time to complete services.

The Proposer is specifically advised that any person, firm, or other party to whom it is proposed to award a subcontract under the Contract must be approved by the Authority. In the event Proposer plans to subcontract any portion of the Work, Proposer shall indicate in its plan the identity of the subcontractor(s) and the role of said subcontractor(s).

  1. Proposer Qualifications
    1. Contractor shall state their qualifications as a professional janitorial firm, which should include but not be limited to, previous janitorial services, current janitorial contracts being performed by Contractor, the length of time in the janitorial services industry, the length of time employees proposed to service SPHA's Contract have been with Proposer, and any special qualifications those employees may have.
    2. Contractor should have a minimum of three (3) years previous experience in janitorial services for similar sized facilities/buildings.
    3. Include responsibilities and relevant experience of the person(s) who will be actively engaged in managing the Contract and supervising the employees providing the services.
    4. Submit with the submission to this RFP any training provided to employees to ensure the services proposed are provided in a safe and high quality manner and environment. Proposer must maintain that all employees have been trained in appropriate safety measures.
    5. Proposer shall be required to furnish all equipment, machinery, transportation, and other implements necessary to execute the Contract. Contractor's proposal should include an outline of the type of equipment which the vendor purports to use to ensure Contractor has sufficient equipment and supplies for the provision of services contemplated in this RFP.
    6. If any services are expected to be subcontracted, the Proposer shall also provide all of the above information for the subcontractor(s).
  2. References/Clients List
    All site managers engaged in directing the various work to be accomplished under the Contract shall possess at least one (1) year of recent (within the past 5 years) experience in directing cleaning type operations in a supervisory capacity for buildings of the approximate size of SPHA's Central Office.
    1. Proposer shall provide five (5) client references, at least three (3) of which shall be current clients, for whom the same or similar type of services as those sought in this RFP have been or are being provided.
  3. Additional Information
    SPHA retains the right to request any additional information pertaining to the company's ability, qualifications, and procedures used to accomplish all Work under the Contract as it deems necessary to ensure safe and satisfactory work.

    Contractor shall submit invoices monthly and provide sufficient information for approving payment and for auditing purposes. Invoices that are correct and complete will be generally payable, if approved, within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt. The selected firm will be required to furnish all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment and supplies to satisfactorily perform janitorial services at SPHA's Central Office.


C-1      Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of professional qualifications of the proposals will be based on the qualifications of the Applicant's firm, technical criteria, references and proposal evaluation scoring. Specific evaluation criteria to evaluate the technical qualifications of each Applicant and their degree of importance and/or relative weight are numbered as Evaluation Factors 1 - 4, with a possible 100 points possible, excluding bonus, and are as follows:

Factor Type/Description

Evaluation Factor 1, Max point value 30.
The PROPOSED COSTS/FEE SCHEDULE submitted by the proposer. This fee must include all direct and indirect costs, including staffing, equipment, supplies and travel.

Evaluation Factor 2, Max point value 30.
The proposer's QUALIFICATIONS, DEMONSTRATED TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES, AND PAST PERFORMANCE as outlined in Section B-2, Scope of Services. Resumes and qualifications of key personnel; demonstration of cleaning and supervisory staff's experience and bondability. Provide a summary of the organization, size and structure of the firm. Provide references.

Evaluation Factor 3, Max point value 30.
DEMONSTRATE REPONSIVENESS OF THE PROPOSAL by highlighting the Applicant's work plan/methodology describing how vendor will deliver tasks and deliverables described in the SOW. Address firm's customer service strategy. Include statement indicating whether the firm has been the subject of any disciplinary action during the past three (3) years; and whether the firm has been suspended or debarred from providing services to government funded agencies, or other government activity.

  1. Clear understanding of the scope of work (25)
  2. Professional product, based upon the opinion of the Evaluators (5)

Evaluation Factor 4, Max point value 10.
The SUPPLIES chosen by proposer will be assessed for the quality of cleaning supplies and paper products based on manufacturer submittals, and of samples, as applicable.
Total Points (other than preference points & Interview), 100 Points

NOTE:  Points will be awarded for each Factor by each of the appointed evaluation committee members based on his/her opinion after a thorough review of the information submitted by each proposer within his/her proposal.

All Contractors who are awarded Contracts by SPHA must comply with SPHA's Section 3 Policy. The minimum compliance for professional services is 3%. SPHA encourages resident participation in all Contracts. Proposer may submit their Section 3 strategy for compliance. Such strategy must comply with the Section 3 Business Concern, employment and/or training preferences, or Contracting preference, or both, if applicable.

Preference Evaluation Factors. The following factors will be utilized by the CO to evaluate each proposal submittal received:


Evaluation Factor 5, Max point value 5 (Subtotal 5,3)
DB/MBE/WOSB Participation: Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) enterprise designation, participation and/or joint venture.
    A.   M/WBE designated firm - submit copy of state or local certification,
    B. Joint venture or subcontract with a M/WBE firm - submit copy of state or local certification of joint venture partners or subcontractors and M/WBE Utilization Form showing percentage of ownership or participation.

Evaluation Factor 6, Max point Value 5 
SECTION 3 BUSINESS PREFERENCE PARTICIPATION.  A firm may qualify for Section 3 status as detailed below:

  1. Section 3 Business Certification Preference (by priority) Maximum score is 5 points:
    Business Concern Preference #1 - a business concern that is 51% or more owned by residents of the public housing development in which the work is directed, or whose full-time, permanent employees include at least 30% residents of the public housing development in which the work is directed.
    Business Concern Preference #2 - a business that is majority owned by resident(s) of SPHA, but not the housing development in which the work is directed, or whose full-time, permanent employees include at least thirty percent (30%) residents of other developments owned by SPHA, but not the housing development in which the work is directed or Section 8 residents of SPHA.
    Business Concern Preference #3 - HUD Youthbuild programs that are being carried out in the Enterprise Zone in which the Section 3 covered assistance is expended.
    Business Concern Preference #4 - a business that is majority owned by a Section 3 resident who is not a public housing resident or whose permanent, full-time workforce includes no less than thirty percent (30%) Section 3 residents who are not public housing residents or that subcontract in excess of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount of subcontracts to Section 3 business concerns.
  2. (4 points or __) Section 3 hiring: proposer makes documented effort to hire qualified Section 3 residents as required in SPHA's Section 3 Plan. Position description(s) and salary MUST be included.
  3. (3 points or __) Joint venture or subcontract with a designated Section 3 Business Enterprise: proposer makes documented effort to hire, subcontract and/or joint venture with a SPHA certified Section 3 Business as required in SPHA's Section 3 Plan.
  4. (2 points) Training program: proposer commits via documentation to train residents utilizing their own training program.

Maximum Available Preference Points: 10 Points
Total Possible Points: 110 

C-2         Evaluation Method

  1. Responsiveness. Each proposal received will first be evaluated for responsiveness (i.e. meets the minimum of the requirements).
  2. Evaluation Packet. An evaluation packet will be prepared for each evaluator, including the following documents: Instructions to Evaluators; Proposal Tabulation Form; Written Narrative Form for each proposer; Recap of each proposer's responsiveness; Copy of all pertinent RFP documents.
  3. Evaluation Committee. The Agency anticipates that it will select a minimum of a three-person committee to evaluate each of the responsive "hard copy" proposals submitted in response to this RFP.  PLEASE NOTE: No proposer shall be informed at any time during or after the RFP process as to the identity of any evaluation committee member.  If, by chance, a proposer does become aware of the identity of such person(s), he/she SHALL NOT make any attempt to contact or discuss with such person anything related to this RFP.  As detailed within Section D of this document, the designated CO or representative is the only person at the Agency that the proposers shall contact pertaining to this RFP. Failure to abide by this requirement may (and most likely will) cause such proposer(s) to be eliminated from consideration for award.
  4. Evaluation. The CO or representative will evaluate and award points pertaining to Evaluation Factors No. 5 and No. 6. The appointed evaluation committee, independent of the CO or any other person at the Agency, shall evaluate the responsive proposals submitted and award points pertaining to Evaluation Factors No. 1, 2 and 3.  Upon final completion of the proposal evaluation process, the evaluation committee will forward the completed evaluations to the CO. 

    Points Awarded Range.  Pertaining to the Factors 1, 2, 3, and 4 please note the following range of points awarded (points pertaining to this RFP are shaded-please also see the Evaluation Factors detailed within the preceding Section):

    Points Awarded Range

    Excellent (Acceptable*) 95%+, 10/10, 14-15/15, 24-25/25, 29-30/30, 34-35/35, 95-100/100**

    Very Good (Acceptable*) 90%+, 9/10, 13/15, 22-23/25, 28/30, 32-33/35, 90-94/100**

    Good (Potentially Acceptable*) 80%+, 8/10, 11-12/15, 19-21/25, 25-27/30, 29-31/35, 80-89/100**

    Average (Potentially Acceptable*) 70%+, 7/10, 9-10/15, 16-18/25, 22-24/30, 26-28/35, 70-79/100**

    Poor (Unacceptable*) <70%, 0-6/10, 0-8/15, 0-15/25, 0-21/30, 0-25/35, 0-69/100*

    *Pursuant to Section 7.2.N.3 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2
    ** Total available points to be awarded, including cost points, minus preference points. 

  5. Potential "Competitive Range" or "Best and Finals" Negotiations.  The Agency reserves the right to, as detailed within Section 7.2.N through Section 7.2.R of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2, conduct a "Best and Finals" Negotiation, which may include oral interviews, with all firms deemed to be in the competitive range.  Any firm deemed not to be in the competitive range shall be notified of such in writing by the Agency in as timely a manner as possible, but in any case within no longer than 10 days after the beginning of such negotiations with the firms deemed to be in the competitive range.
  6. Determination of Top-ranked Proposer.  Typically, the subjective points awarded by the evaluation committee will be combined with the objective points awarded by the CO to determine the final rankings, which is typically forwarded by the CO to the ED/CEO for approval.  If the evaluation was performed to the satisfaction of the ED/CEO, the final rankings may be forwarded to the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (BOC) at a scheduled meeting for approval.  Contract negotiations may, at the Agency's option, be conducted prior to or after the BOC approval.
    1. Minimum Evaluation Results. To be considered to receive an award a proposer must receive a total calculated average of at least 70 points (of the 110 total possible points detailed within Section C herein).
    2. Ties.  In the case of a tie in points awarded, the award shall be decided as detailed within Section 6.12.C of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2, by "drawing lots or other random means of selection."
  7. Notice of Results of Evaluation.  If an award is completed, all proposers will receive by e-mail a Notice of Results of Evaluation.  Such notice shall inform all proposers of:
    1. Which proposer received the award
    2. Where each proposer placed in the process as a result of the evaluation of the proposals received
    3. The cost or financial offers received from each proposer
    4. Each proposer's right to a debriefing and to protest.
  8. Restrictions. All persons having familial (including in-laws) and/or employment relationships (past or current) with principals and/or employees of a proposer entity will be excluded from participation on the Agency evaluation committee. Similarly, all persons having ownership interest in and/or Contract with a proposer entity will be excluded from participation on the Agency evaluation committee.


D-1      Due Date of Proposal

Proposals are due at the St. Petersburg Housing Authority Central Office, 2001 Gandy Blvd North, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 by 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 3, 2020 -

Emailed to the attention of: Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer


Mailed to the attention of:       
Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer
St. Petersburg Housing Authority
2001 Gandy Blvd North
St. Petersburg, FL  33702

The pre-proposal conference will be held on the date and time indicated in this RFP. Any questions regarding this RFP must be in writing and may be directed to Ms. Pamela Hobbs, by email prior to the posted deadline for written requests for information.

D-2       Contract Award

A Contract shall be awarded in accordance with the terms of Form HUD 5369, Instructions to Proposers for Contracts, Public and Indian Housing Programs, attached hereto as Exhibit A, and its Procurement Policy.  The Chief Executive Officer shall make a final recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.  The Board of Commissioners will make the final selection of the firm to be awarded the Contract.  A Contract will be awarded to the Proposer whose proposal best meets the needs and requirements of SPHA for the best value.  Failure to meet the threshold requirements may result in rejection of the proposal.  SPHA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to award one or more Contracts or no Contract. 

By completing, executing and submitting a proposal, the proposer is thereby agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions pertaining to this RFP as issued by the Agency, including the Contract clauses specified, each attached hereto.  Accordingly, the Agency has no responsibility to conduct after the submittal deadline any negotiations pertaining to the Contract clauses already published. 


E-1       Instructions to Proposers

See Exhibit A, HUD Form 5369-B, Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction.  SPHA hereby excludes Item 5, Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawal of Proposals, of HUD Form 5369.  Please see item F-2 herein below for SPHA's requirements for the acceptance of proposals.


F-1       Required Certifications

See Exhibit B, Form HUD 5369-C, Certifications, and Representations of Offerors Non-Construction Contract.

F-2       Acceptance of Proposals

Proposal must be signed, sealed and received in completed form at the St. Petersburg Housing Authority located at 2001 Gandy Blvd North, St. Petersburg, FL  33702, no later than the proposal submission time and date stated herein. Proposals submitted after the designated date and hour will not be accepted for any reason.

SPHA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals, to take exception to these RFP specifications or to waive any irregularities and/or informalities.  Proposer may be excluded from further consideration for failure to comply fully with the specifications of this REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.

SPHA also reserves the right to reject the Proposal of any Proposer who has previously failed to perform properly, or to complete on time, Contract(s) of a similar nature; who is not in a position to perform the Contract, or who habitually and without just cause neglected the payment of bills or otherwise disregarded its obligations to subcontractors, providers of materials, or employees.

F-3       Confidential Material

Any material submitted by a Proposer that is to be considered as confidential must be clearly marked as such.

F-4       Financial Statements

The Proposer may be requested to submit current financial statements.  Furthermore, the Proposer shall disclose any past or current litigation to which it is a party and the amount in controversy or potential liability.

F-5       Withdrawal of Proposals

Proposal may be withdrawn on a written or telegraphic (faxed) request dispatched by the Proposer in time for delivery in the normal course of business prior to the time specified herein for proposal receipt, provided that written confirmation of any telegraphic withdrawal with the signature of the Proposer is placed in the mail and postmarked prior to the time specified herein for proposal receipt.  Negligence on the part of the Proposer in preparing its Proposal confers no right of withdrawal or modification of its proposal after the due date and time specified herein.

F-6       Incurring Costs

SPHA is not liable for any costs incurred by any Proposer prior to issuance of a Notice to Proceed.  In general, no pre-Contract costs will be paid to the successful Proposer.

All costs incurred in the preparation and presentation of Proposal shall be wholly borne by each Proposer.  All supporting documentation and manuals submitted with each Proposal will become the property of SPHA unless otherwise indicated by the Proposer at the time of submission.

SPHA agrees to provide to the successful Proposer, upon request, no more than three sets of drawings and specifications for building permits.

F-7       Third Party Claims on Services or Software

If the proposed services include the use of products or services of another company, SPHA will hold the Proposer responsible for the proposed services.  In addition, the Proposer shall hold SPHA harmless from any third party legal claims involving the use by SPHA of any software product or technique provided.

F-8       Ineligible Contractors

SPHA is prohibited from making any awards to Contractors or accepting as subcontractors any individuals or firms that are on the GSA List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-procurement Programs.

F-9       Award of Contracts

A Contract shall be awarded according to the criteria specified herein, provided the proposal is in the best interest of SPHA.  The Proposer to whom an award is made will be notified at the earliest practical date.  An award may be subject to HUD approval.

F-10     Price Escalation

Pertaining to the ensuing Contract, there shall be no escalation of any of the proposed unit costs allowed at any time during the awarded Contract periods.

F-11     Consultant or Additional Services that May Be Required by the Agency

Basically, if the Agency requires any Additional Services, the hourly fee proposed will, during the ensuing Contract period(s), become the basis of negotiation for any such additional work that the Agency may require that is not already being provided by the firm fixed hourly fees.

F-12     Negotiation of Costs Proposed

If negotiations are required, then negotiations shall be conducted with Applicant who submit proposals determined to have a reasonable chance of being selected for award, based on evaluation of qualifications, price, and other factors considered to be most advantageous to SPHA.  Such Proposers shall be accorded fair and equal treatment with respect to any opportunity for negotiation and revision of proposals. The purpose of negotiations shall be to seek clarification with regard to and advise Applicant of the deficiencies in both the technical and price aspects of their proposals so as to assure full understanding of and conformance to the solicitation requirements. No Applicant shall be provided information about any other Applicant's proposal, and no Applicant shall be assisted in bringing its proposal up to the level of any other proposal. Proposer shall not be directed to reduce their proposed prices to a specific amount in order to be considered for award; however, best and final offers may be requested. SPHA reserves the right to request additional information concerning any and/or all proposals submitted.  A common deadline shall be established for receipt of proposal revisions based on negotiations.

After evaluation of proposal revisions, if any, the Contract shall be awarded to the responsible firm whose qualifications, price and other factors considered, are the most advantageous to SPHA.


G-1     Mandatory Clauses

See Exhibit D- HUD Form 5370-C, General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts.


H-1      Insurance

The successful Proposer shall be required to furnish original Certificates of Insurance evidencing the required coverage to be in force on the date of the Contract, and Renewal Certificates of Insurance, or a copy of the policy, if the coverage has an expiration or renewal date occurring during the term of this Contract or extensions thereof.  The receipt of any certificates does not constitute agreement by SPHA that the insurance requirements in the Contract have been fully met or that the insurance policies indicated on the certificates comply with all Contract requirements.  The insurance policies shall provide for thirty (30) days prior written notice to be given to SPHA in the event coverage is substantially changed, canceled, or non-renewed.

The Contractor shall require all consultants (subcontractors) to carry the insurance required herein, or the Contractor may provide the coverage for any or all consultants, and, if so, the Certificate of Insurance or copy of the policy submitted shall so stipulate.

The Contractor and all consultants agree that insurers shall waive their rights of Subrogation against the St. Petersburg Housing Authority.

The Contractor expressly understands and agrees that any insurance or self-insurance programs maintained by the St. Petersburg Housing Authority shall apply in excess of and not contribute with insurance provided by the successful Proposer and subcontractors under the Contract.

The following standard insurance policies shall be required:

  1. Commercial General Liability Policy of not less than Two Million dollars ($2,000,000.00).
  2. Workers' Compensation Policy - Minimum employer's liability limits
    • By Accident - Florida Statutory Limit
    • By Disease - Florida Statutory Limit

      A Waiver of subrogation in favor of SPHA must be endorsed to the policy.

      "Florida," must appear in item 3A of the Worker's Compensation coverage declarations page, or item 3C must contain the following: "All States except those in listed in Item 3A and the States of NV, ND, OH, WA, WV, and WY."

  3. Automobile Liability of not less than One Million dollars ($1,000,000.00).
  4. Blanket Crime coverage shall include all persons employed under this Contract against loss by dishonesty, robbery, burglary, theft, destruction, or disappearance, computer fraud, credit card forgery, and other related crime risks with policy limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  5. Janitorial Service Bond. These surety bonds are sometimes referred to as maid surety bonds or housekeeper bonds. Contractor may have this in connection with the Blanket Crime policy required.

Approval, disapproval or failure to act by SPHA regarding any insurance supplied by Proposer shall not relieve Proposer of full responsibility or liability for damages and accidents as set forth in the Contract documents.  Neither shall the bankruptcy, insolvency or denial of liability by the insurance company exonerate Proposer from liability.  See Exhibit D, HUD Form 5370-C, General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts.

H-2      Rules, Regulations, and Licensing Requirements

Each Proposer and its staff must possess all of the required State of Florida licenses, as well as all other licenses required by St. Petersburg to perform in accordance with the Contract scope of services herein.  In addition, the Proposer shall comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to the scope of services contemplated herein.  The successful Proposer is presumed to be familiar with all Federal, State and local laws, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations.

H-3      Assignment

The successful Proposer shall not enter into any subcontracts, retain consultants, or assign, transfer, convey, sublet, or otherwise delegate its obligations under the Contract resulting from this RFP, or any or all of its rights, title or interest therein, or its power to execute such Contract to any person, company or corporation without the prior written consent and approval of SPHA.



An email with read receipt requested or 1 (one) original and 1 (one) USB/Jump drive of the Proposal must be submitted and received by the housing authority no later than the proposal submission time and date. Proposals should provide a straightforward, concise description of Contractor's ability to fulfill the requirements of this solicitation.

The Agency intends to retain the Contractor pursuant to a "Best Value" basis, not a "Low Bid" basis ("Best Value," in that the Agency will, as detailed within Section C herein, consider factors other than just cost in making the award decision). Therefore, so that the Agency can properly evaluate the offers received, all proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be formatted in accordance as noted below.

None of the proposed services may conflict with any requirement the Agency has published herein or has issued by addendum.

The response, however submitted (binders, notebooks, clipped, etc.), shall be indexed with tabs and organized as listed below.

  1. Organization of Response:  The response shall be submitted in a three-ring loose leaf binder style, whether electronic or mailed, indexed with tabs electronically or mailed, and organized as follows:
    • Cover Letter
    • Table of Contents
    • Firm Information/Experience/Team Qualifications (Factor 2)
    • Applicant's Methodology (Factor 3)
    • Supplemental Information
    • HUD and SPHA Forms
    • Price Schedule (Factor 1)
  2. Cover Letter:  A transmittal letter prepared on the Respondent's business stationery must accompany each response.  An individual authorized to bind the firm to all statements, including services contained in the response, must sign the letter.
  3. Table of Contents:  The proposal shall have a Table of Contents that conforms to the organization set forth in Section I.
  4. Firm Information:  One page should include firm's name, principal place of business, phone number, email, and contact person.
    1. Organizational Chart:  should include the entire assigned team.
    2. Personnel:  provide resumes or CVs for personnel who will be representing the Firm and who have provided technical skills on projects similar to that required in this Request.
    3. Projects List:  provide comprehensive list of projects from the last five (5) years.
    4. Significant Projects:  identify on the Projects List the most significant engagements (maximum five) of similar size and scope completed by Applicant's firm within the last five (5) years.
    5. Current Active Projects:  identify on the Projects List Vendor's current active projects.
    6. References:  provide five (5) current references from PHA's and/or facilities of comparable size and scope completed by firm within the last two years.
    7. Firm's Legal Information: provide Applicant's W-9 and Federal ID number.
    8. Proof of Insurance: prior to award (but not as a part of the proposal submission) the chosen Firm will be required to provide insurance and bond certifications per Section H of the RFP. For the proposal submission, simply indicate that Firm has or has ability to secure required insurance and bond.
  5. Firm Approach:  Submit a brief overview of the Respondent's approach to the Work.  The summary should not exceed 3(three) pages and should address the following:
    • Responsiveness: a demonstration of an understanding of the objectives and services as outlined in this RFP. Include a brief discussion of the firm's financial stability, capacity and resources.
    • Personnel: indicate the dependability of staff. Demonstrate that firm has the adequate resources to perform the work in the time allotted. What is the availability of key personnel relative to other work currently under Contract? Identify staff by name, title, and specific responsibility for the work.
    • Past Performance: detail experience in the industry of both firm and employees.
    • Work Plan/Methodology: present well-conceived plan by succinctly describing the rationale behind Proposer's approach involving tasks and deliverables described in the SOW, including customer service strategies, inspections process and quality control, analysis and follow-up. Include a full description of major tasks and subtasks.
    • Innovation: summary of the Proposer's experiences and attributes that set it apart from other candidates. Proposer may also suggest technical, specific new concepts or procedural innovations that have been used successfully on other engagements and which may provide SPHA with better service delivery.
  6. Complaints:
    1. Disciplinary: detail any disciplinary findings within last 3 years with full explanation including dates, circumstances and current status.
    2. Claims, Lawsuits or Defaults:  provide a list of any outstanding claims, lawsuits, or defaults, suspensions or debarments on the part of the Firm or any of its subsidiaries.
  7. Supplemental Information:  This section may be used for the presentation of supporting materials and information to the proposal.  These materials should be kept to a reasonable minimum and provided only if they are in direct support of the Firm's proposal. If no information is to be placed under this tab, please place there a statement such as "This Tab Left Intentionally Blank."
  8. HUD and SPHA Required Forms (completed, signed & returned):
    • HUD Form 5369-C, Certifications and Representations of Offerors Non-Construction Contract.
    • Proposer's Information Form
    • Non-Construction Contractor's Certification of Record of Previous Participation in Federal, State or Local Government Funded Contracts
    • Contractor's Certification of Authorization to Execute Proposal/Contract on Behalf of Company
    • Non-Collusive Affidavit of Contractor/SubContractor
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Sworn Statement Pursuant to Sections 287.133(3)(a) Florida Statutes, on Public Entity Crimes
    • Diversity Statement
    • Small Disadvantaged, Minority and Women Owned Business Certificate(s) (if applicable)
    • SDB/MBE/WOSB Utilization Summary
    • Section 3 Forms:  Section 3 Business Concerns Seeking Section 3 Preference; Section 3 Self-Certification Form (if applicable); Section 3 Contract Compliance Statement; Section 3 Opportunities Plan
  9. Fee Schedule:  Provide costs on the Price Schedule form. Cost proposals are subject to negotiation, and will be based upon the Statement of Work described in Section B herein. Fee information is relevant to a determination of whether the fee is fair and reasonable in light of the services to be provided.

Alterations to the proposal, or the terms and conditions in this RFP shall be grounds for rejecting the entire bid proposal.  Late proposals shall not be accepted for ANY reason.


J-1       SDB/MBE/WOSB Participation

In accordance with 2 CFR 200.321, and within HUD Handbook 7460.8 REV 2, Sections 15.5.A and 15.5.B, it is SPHA's goal to have qualified small and minority businesses, women's business enterprises, and labor surplus area firms ("small disadvantaged businesses") participation in 50% of all of its Contracts.  Therefore, the selected Proposer's firm that is not 51% small disadvantaged (non-SDB) will be required to take all necessary affirmative steps to assure that small disadvantaged businesses are used whenever possible. Accordingly, all Proposers must submit SPHA's SDB/MBE/WOSB Utilization Summary (Exhibit L, hereto) as part of their Proposal. If a Proposer is a SBD/MBE/WOMB business concern, please attached a copy of any certificates and/or certifying documents under Exhibit K.  Certified SDB/MBE/WOSB firms must submit copies of its Certification from any governmental certifying agency. List all SDB/MBE/WOSB subcontractors, if any, on the form.  If none, write "N/A" on the form and sign it where indicated.

SPHA encourages joint ventures and/or partnerships with qualified small disadvantaged firms.  The names of all Contractors/subcontractors whom a Proposer is interested in forming a joint venture or partnership with on this project should be included in the Proposal.  SPHA reserves the right at its own discretion to reject any subcontractor recommended in the proposal.

Each joint venture business must submit all forms required herein. A joint venture that has at least one (1) certified SDB that performs a meaningful service meets SPHA's SDB/MBE/WOSB participation requirements.  Each SDB/MBE/WOSB must submit a statement of its intent to participate and its SDB/MBE/WOSB certification with the proposal.   In addition, the joint venture partnership agreement must be provided with the proposal.


K-1       Section 3 Requirements

Pursuant to 2 CFR 200 and 24 CFR 135, the Proposer shall comply with SPHA's approved Section 3 Policy and Procedures, as attached hereto, relative to residents for the Contract awarded by SPHA.  Each Proposal shall include a plan for Section 3 Compliance.

The selected Contractor and all subcontractors shall be required to consider employment applications from Section 3 residents, as a material term of any Contract resulting from this REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.

Furthermore, the Proposer shall describe in detail how it plans to use the services of SPHA/Section 3 Resident-owned Businesses or businesses that employ significant numbers of Section 3 Residents to meet its Section 3 obligations.

Noncompliance with HUD's regulations in 24 CFR 135 may result in sanctions, termination of this Contract for default, and debarment or suspension from future HUD-assisted Contracts. The Section 3 Clauses included in Exhibit M, Section 3 will be a part of any Contract that is signed by SPHA.


L-1       List of Attachments 
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The following attachments are required and/or included as part of this Request For Proposal and shall be incorporated into the Proposer's proposal/Contract:

  1. HUD Form 5369-B (8/93), Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction
  2. HUD Form 5369-C (8/93), Certifications and Representations of Offerors Non-Construction Contract
  3. Supplemental Instructions to Proposers & Contractors (SIPC)
  4. HUD Form 5370-C (01/2014), General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts Section I (With or without Maintenance Work)
  5. Non-Construction Contractor's Certification of Record of Previous Participation in Federal, State or Local Government Funded Contracts
  6. Certification of Authorization to Execute Contract
  7. Non-Collusive Affidavit of Contractor/Subcontractor
  8. Conflicts of Interest
  9. Sworn Statement Pursuant to Section 287.133(3)(a), Florida Statutes, on Public Entity Crime
  10. Diversity Statement
  11. MBE/WBE/SBE Certificate (provided by proposer)
  12. MBE/WBE/SBE Utilization Summary
  13. Section 3 Contracting Forms
  14. Sample Contract
  15. Cleaning Specifications Form
  16. Facility Diagram
  17. Proposer's Information Form
  18. Price Schedule Form

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