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Registering with SPHA

Before you are authorized to rent your property to Section 8 tenants and receive Housing Assistance Payments from SPHA, you are required to complete SPHA’s New Owner Packet. Please note that SPHA also requires all owners/landlords who have previously participated in the Section 8 program, but have had no activity on their accounts in 12 months or more, to complete the packet to remain in the program.

Please download the New Owner Packet and fill it out completely, making sure that all registered owners of the property sign off on the packet.

CLICK HERE to download the New Landlord Application Form. >

You also can submit your completed paperwork to the St. Petersburg Housing Authority, Re: New Landlord Documents, 2001 Gandy Blvd. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, or fax to 727-328-6699.