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09/26/19 SPHA Special Call Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Regular Special Call Meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the St. Petersburg Housing Authority
September 26, 2019

Commissioner Owens, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:04 am. Upon roll call, the following were in attendance:

Present at Roll:

  • Commissioner Stephanie Owens, Chair
  • Commissioner James Dates
  • Commissioner Jerri Evans, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Terri Lipsey Scott

Staff Absent:

  • Commissioner Roxanne Amoroso
  • Commissioner Sharlene Gambrell-Davis
  • Commissioner C. Knox LaSister

Staff Present:

  • LaShunda Battle, Acting Chief Operating Officer
  • Robin Adams, Asset Management Officer
  • Danielle Carevic, Executive Office Manager
  • Audria Davis, Compliance Officer
  • Larry Gonzalez, Housing Choice Voucher Officer
  • Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer
  • Dennis Lohr, Chief Financial Officer

Others Present:

  • Attorney Ricardo Gilmore, Saxon & Gilmore
  • Attorney Charley Harris, Trenam Law Firm
  • Attorney Jeff Butt, Squire Patton & Boggs
  • Marianne Edmonds, Public Resources Advisory Group

Amended Resolution #2544 - A Resolution Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement for the Implementation of Economies of Scale for Temporary CEO, Executive Management & Administration Services

Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer recommended the Amended Resolution #2544 to the full Board for approval. A vote was called:

  • Commissioner Stephanie Owens, Chair YES
  • Commissioner James Dates YES
  • Commissioner Jerri Evans, Vice Chair YES
  • Commissioner Terri Lipsey Scott YES

The Board approved the motion.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:09 am.

Approved and Adopted this 24th day of October 2019.

Stephanie A. Owens, Chairperson 
Jerome D. Ryans, Chief Executive Officer