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Jordan Park Mandatory Documents

Please bring original documents with you because we cannot make copies of copies.


Please bring documents to Jordan Park Office

· Proof of income from all employers.  Your last six (6) pay stubs or a verification letter from the employer, dated within five (5) days of the appointment date, will be required.  The letter must state your hourly wage and the number of hours that you work per week.  The letter must also be on company letterhead and signed by a company representative;

· Current Social Security or SSI printout.  Call Social Security Administration today and request that they mail or email you a benefits letter.   You may also go to the website ( to create a login to retrieve the verification letter.   We cannot use the annual statement letter;

· Verification of TANF, child support, cash app payments, contributions, pensions, and all additional income;

· The last 6 bank statements for all accounts.  If you have a new account, please provide a letter from the bank verifying that it is a new account;

· Debit cards (pre-pay cards) require the ATM receipt and a copy of the card,

· Current value of all assets from the 3rd party provider; 401K, 401B, etc.;

· If you have a student loan listed on your credit report, we will need verification of your student status;

· Landlord verification for the past 3 years faxed to my attention;

· 2021 Tax Return  OR verification that you did not file a tax return;

· Original birth certificates for all family members;

· Original social security cards for all family members;

· Original marriage certificates and/or divorce decree if your name is different than the birth certificate;

· Valid state issued photo identification for all family members 18 and over; and

· You will also need verification that you will be able to get utility services placed into your name - within 5 days of move-in.  This can be provided to you by the utility company.