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Jordan Park Relocation Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1.  What is the latest update for the Jordan Park redevelopment process? (UPDATED)

  1. Relocation: All residents from Phase 1 of Jordan Park relocated prior to the financial transaction closing on December 14, 2021. Phase 2 relocation efforts are already underway. All Phase 2 families received an Initial Combined Notice of Eligibility and 90-Day Notice to Vacate on or around March 2, 2022. 

  2. Demolition, Renovations, and Construction: Demolition for the Historic Village is completed and construction of the Senior Mid-rise building is already underway.  

    Renovation of the 97 family units in Phase 1 has already begun. Roofing is underway and demolition inside the units of existing cabinetry and fixtures has begun. 

  3. PBV Waitlist: SPHA opened a Project Based Voucher (PBV) waitlist for the Jordan Park Family Units on February 7, 2022. The waitlist closed on February 10, 2022 at 5PM. SPHA staff have begun the process to compile and review the personal information for all Jordan Park residents that applied for the PBV waitlist. 

2.  I got my Housing Choice Voucher already and I want to move. Can I leave now and still receive my relocation benefits? (UPDATED)

Yes. Jordan Park families that have received a voucher, received a Notice of Eligibility from SPHA, and have met with a Relocation Specialist can now move out of Jordan Park and still receive relocation benefits.  

3.  What will SPHA do to help the residents of Jordan Park relocate? 

SPHA surveyed all Jordan Park residents regarding their relocation preferences during the week of January 11, 2021.  Residents were also provided with possible options in a survey taken by SPHA staff (questionnaire) in October 2020. Another resident survey was conducted online in early June 2021.

SPHA hired Social Services Coordinators to assist with mobility counseling and the relocation process. The relocation staff are currently meeting one-on-one with residents to complete relocation assessments. The staff will also further assist family with identifying apartments, completing rental applications, and requesting payment for vendors from SPHA. Residents will be able to pursue housing in the local St. Petersburg area, or in anywhere else in the country where a local Public Housing Authority operates a voucher program.

**NOTE - Residents living in the section of Jordan Park that will be renovated as part of "Phase Two" can remain in their unit until renovated units are ready for occupancy in "Phase One." Then "Phase Two" residents can move into the newly renovated "Phase One" units. 

To ensure that you are eligible for relocation benefits, do not move until you meet with your relocation specialist AND receive written notice from SPHA.

4.Will I have to move away from St. Petersburg?

No. There is adequate housing in or near St. Petersburg for Jordan Park residents to move. While the demand for affordable housing in St. Petersburg is extremely high, SPHA recently increased its payment standards in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. This allows for payment of higher voucher amounts in "areas of opportunity," Families will have the option to live anywhere in the country, including available units in St. Petersburg and surrounding cities with a housing authority operating a voucher program. 

5. When will Jordan Park residents be required to move? Will they be evicted? (UPDATED)

SPHA's Relocation Team will work with every family to find a new home. 

Residents who choose to move using a SPHA Housing Choice Voucher will have 90 days to locate suitable housing once they receive the Notice of Eligibility & Notice to Move. Residents who want to leave St. Petersburg must complete a Request for Portability form. The SPHA Relocation Team will also assist residents who require reasonable accommodations for their housing search. 

NOTE: SPHA will continue to enforce the lease and residents that are found to be non-compliant with the lease may be evicted. Families that are evicted for noncompliance will not be eligible for relocation assistance.

6. Will there be counseling provided to families who may have no experience renting from a private landlord or living in private rental property? 

Absolutely. SPHA relocation staff will be working closely with housing specialists to help ease the transition from public housing to SPHA-assisted private rental housing to make certain residents understand the terms of their new lease agreements.

7. What special consideration will be given to the special needs of elderly residents living in Jordan Park?

We plan to do everything possible to assist elderly residents who may have lived in St. Petersburg their entire lives. We will continue to meet with each elderly resident, asking them to tell us what THEY choose. Once they make a choice of what housing situation works best for them, our relocation team will work with them to facilitate a smooth transition into their new home. 

8.  Did you coordinate with the school district/city/state?

SPHA has had several meetings with local school district leaders, community leaders, City and leadership and will continue to engage these partners before and during implementation of any relocation activities. SPHA remains in communication with local school districts to keep them apprised of relocation activities.

9. What will happen to the buildings at Jordan Park once residents have moved? (UPDATED)

The construction of the new 60-unit Senior Midrise and the substantial rehabilitation of Phase 1 of the 206 family apartments are already underway.  Once Phase 1 has been completely rehabilitated, Phase 2 residents that are on the PBV waitlist will be able to  finalize the admission process and move into the renovated Phase 1 units.  Phase 2, the final rehab phase, will begin as soon as the apartments are vacated, using the same plan we used in Phase 1.  

10.   What happens to families that owe back rent or are otherwise not current on their payments to the SPHA?

SPHA staff will work with residents of Jordan Park to locate community resources to help families relocate without debt to their new public housing authority or Section 8 unit. Families will not be eligible for a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or a ProjectBased Voucher (PBV) unit if they any owe money to SPHA and the voucher will be denied. Families will be notified if they are not eligible for a voucher due to a debt owed to the public housing program and given an opportunity to pay off the debt. 

Families that are under a repayment agreement must pay off their entire balance to the public housing program before they can be issued a voucher; however, they will be eligible to transfer to another available public housing unit as long as they are in good standing and have made their payments on time. 

SPHA will continue to enforce the lease and residents that are found to be noncompliant with the lease may be evicted. Families that are evicted for noncompliance will not be eligible for relocation assistance.

11.   Will SPHA also pay for relocation expenses (security deposit, moving costs, and application fees)? (UPDATED)

Yes. SPHA will pay:

  1. The cost of up to three rental application fees for each affected resident household (up to a maximum of $300); 
  2. Security deposit (up to one month's rent or other amount as determined by SPHA)
  3. Fees related to reconnection of utilities, as long as the utilities were active in the name of the head of household.  
  4. Moving costs for Jordan Park families, in accordance with the Fixed Payment for Moving Expenses, as determined by the federal government. 
  5. $100 Dislocation Payment

Residents can choose one of the three moving options:

1.   SPHA Move - SPHA will contract with a professional moving company that will move residents to their new housing. Displaced residents may choose to have loading, moving, and unloading services provided by the SPHAcontracted mover.  SPHA will provide packing supplies once a move has been scheduled. Residents in need of special accommodation should speak with their relocation counselor. 

2.   Self-Move (Fixed Rate Moving Expense Allowance) - Residents may choose to move themselves with no assistance from SPHA's contract mover.  If displaced households choose a self-move, SPHA will provide packing supplies once the move has been scheduled.  Persons selecting this option will be entitled to a fixed payment for moving expenses determined in accordance with the Fixed Residential Moving Cost Schedule approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration, as published on a periodic basis in the federal register.  This schedule is based on rooms of furniture in the displaced dwelling unit; bathrooms, hallways, closets and kitchens are not included in determining the number of rooms. The fixed payment disbursement will not be provided until the resident turns in the keys to their Jordan Park unit to SPHA management and a satisfactory unit inspection has been conducted. An inspection of the unit will be conducted prior to any payment disbursement to residents.  

3.   Self-Move (Reimbursement of Reasonable Moving Related Expenses) - SPHA will reimburse residents who choose to move themselves for reasonable moving related expenses.  All expenses for reimbursement must be supported by original receipts. Failure to provide receipts for moving expenses will result in the SPHA refusing to reimburse those expenses.

SPHA will make payments to vendors directly on behalf of the tenant. Residents must submit a request to their relocation specialist who will submit it to the Finance Department for processing. Fixed-rate moving expenses will ONLY be  paid to the resident upon vacating the public housing unit.  

12.   Will Jordan Park residents be required to pay for repairs to their current units?

Per the lease, residents will be responsible for any resident-caused damage, beyond normal wear and tear, for the remainder of their time in the unit. Residents that cause damage beyond normal wear and tear may not be eligible for a voucher. Repairs that are unrelated to resident-caused damage will be made at no cost to the residents. 

13.   When will my voucher be issued? (UPDATED)

SPHA anticipates we will issue vouchers to Phase 2 residents in March and April 2022. 

14.   Will voucher extensions be granted? (UPDATED)

Voucher extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Residents should communicate with their Relocation Specialist if they believe they need an extension.

15.       Why should I complete another assessment?  

Relocation Specialists will complete a new assessment with you. This assessment is more detailed and will focus the relocation process on your family's specific needs and circumstances. 

16.       How much money am I getting?  

You must meet with your Relocation Specialist to complete the new assessment. At that time, they will go over your relocation benefit package with you. 

17.       When am I getting my money?   

Any money (a check) paid directly to a resident will be provided once:

  1. The resident vacates the public housing unit; and
  2. A satisfactory inspection of the unit is completed by Jordan Park staff; and
  3. The Relocation Specialist submits a payment request to the SPHA Finance Department; and 
  4. The resident turns in their keys to Jordan Park property management staff; 
  5. Then, the resident can pick up their check from the Relocation Specialist.

18.       Can you provide the HCV payment standard?

Payment Standard

 Click here for a printable sheet.