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Ten SPHA Residents Receive Scholarships

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – Ten St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA) residents are one step closer to getting their degree thanks to SPHA’s Scholarship Program and the partnership with St. Petersburg College. Four (4) residents received $1,000 tuition scholarships, and ten (10) residents received $250 textbook scholarships.

SPHA Chief Executive Officer Tony L. Love said, “At SPHA, part of our mission is to promote resident self-sufficiency, and we believe the best way to do that is to assist our residents with educational opportunities. Education is the foundation for creating a better future. We are very proud of the scholarship recipients and wish them the best as they work to advance their education.”

Recipients of the $1,000 tuition scholarship are Yalonda Clark, Christy Lai, Tiffany Ward, and Angela Little. Recipients of the $250 textbook scholarship are A’tiana Mason, Seamarshall Hall, Yalonda Clark, Christy Lai, Tiffany Ward, Angela Little, Velma Robinson, Sherika Oliver, Kobirika Williams, and Louise Ware.

The scholarships were created as a part of SPHA’s agreement to sell the Center for Achievement and Midtown Youth and Family Enrichment Center to St. Petersburg College (SPC). As a requirement of the sale, SPC will provide five $1,000 tuition scholarships, ten $250 textbook scholarships, and five surplus computers (as they become available) each year to SPHA public housing and Section 8 residents for thirty (30) years.

Another facet of SPHA’s Scholarship Program is to identify residents who are interested in continuing their education and provide them with information about scholarships offered by national housing industry organizations. To date, 20 residents have received scholarships thanks to SPHA’s Scholarship Program.

Download the pdf of this press release here.