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SPHA FY 2021 Annual Plan

For a printable, formatted version of the FY 2021 Annual Plan (all of which is included below), click here.

CFP 5-Year Plan
50075-HP 2021 Draft

St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA)
2021 Annual Plan
HUD-50075-HP; Attachment #1

B.1 (a)  Revision of PHA Plan Elements:

  • Deconcentration and Other Policies that Govern Eligibility, Selection and Admissions: 

HCV Administrative (Admin) Plan revision:  SPHA revised its Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan via Board Resolution in June 2020 as follows:

The changes to the Admin Plan include an addition which enables the SPHA to use either of the following options when opening the HCV Wait List for ordering eligible applicants on the list:

  • Date and time of application; or
  • A drawing or other random choice technique (e.g., lottery)

The change also includes establishing new Wait List Preference procedures

Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy:  An update to the SPHA's ACOP and lease agreement is planned.

  • Financial Resources

SPHA anticipated the closing of a RAD transaction in 2020.  SPHA continues to review and consider repositioning options for the conversion of its Public Housing units to a HCV or other funding platform and will continue to qualify for Public Housing Capital Fund Grant until conversion occurs.   SPHA will pursue Family Self Sufficiency and other grant opportunities for its Public Housing and HCV programs.

  • Homeownership Program

SPHA plans to create a Homeownership program for its Public Housing and HCV programs. SPHA may partner with other entities, such as the City of St. Petersburg, Neighborhood Home Solutions, Pinellas County or others, or credit counseling, down payment assistance, second mortgages, etc. to assist the participants' success in the program.

B.1 (b) Deconcentration Policy:

Deconcentration of Poverty

It is the policy of the Housing Authority to provide for deconcentration of poverty and income mixing by targeting higher income tenants into areas where lower income residents reside and lower income tenants into areas where higher income residents reside.

SPHA shall conduct an annual analysis of the incomes of the families residing in the Public Housing developments to determine the Established Income Range (EIR).  The income analysis shall be conducted as follows:

  • Step 1 - SPHA shall determine the average household income for both developments by taking the aggregate total of all household income and dividing by the total occupied households.
  • Step 2 - SPHA shall then determine the average income of each development by taking the total of all household income in that development and dividing by the total occupied units in that development.
  • Step 3 - The established income range (EIR) shall be calculated as 85% to 115% of the aggregate average household income for both developments.
  • Step 4 - The average household income for each development shall then be compared to the EIR to determine if the development is low income or high income.

The EIR will determine if additional income mixing strategies need to be developed and implemented.



St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA)
2021 Annual Plan
HUD-50075-HP; Attachment #2

B2. New Activities, Part b

Mixed Finance Modernization or Development

SPHA plans to create additional housing serving low income families and seniors in the City of St. Petersburg via mixed finance, Project-Based (Section 8) Housing Choice vouchers, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, bonds, or other financing.

SPHA plans to develop additional housing through its non-profit, RISE Development Corporation, allowing SPHA to lessen its dependence on HUD funding. Major recapitalization is planned to provide extensive rehabilitation work, demolition of 31 units and the planned construction of a 60-unit Senior midrise in Jordan Park (SPHA's AMP 3). Substantial rehabilitation work is also planned for its five (5) AMP 2 developments.

SPHA plans to create housing for veterans via acquisition or construction in accordance with 24 CFR 970.19 (e)(2)(i) using Public Housing proceeds and/or other available funding sources. SPHA owns a lot comprised of approximately 1.3 acres at the intersection of Hartford Street and 32nd Avenue North that can be used as the location of new construction of housing for veterans.  SPHA may purchase existing housing for rehabilitation for this purpose. SPHA also plans to create additional affordable housing using 4% tax credits, bonds, 9% tax credits, Housing Trust Funds, loans and/or other funding, as it becomes available.

Demolition and/or Disposition

SPHA plans to dispose of its single scattered site house, located at 4326 14th Avenue South in St. Petersburg. SPHA plans to sell the property to the existing tenant. In the event that the existing tenant does not or will not qualify, SPHA may relocate the resident and offer the house for sale to another existing public housing resident first, and then a Housing Choice Voucher participant, or other resident at 80% or below of the Area Median Income. SPHA may include the Scattered Site house as a part of a RAD portfolio and/or Homeownership program and dispose of it via the de minimus option.

Jordan Park: The disposition and demolition of 31 units at Jordan Park Apartments (1245 Jordan Park Street South, FL002000003) has been approved by HUD.  The 31 units to be demolished are obsolete as to physical condition, making them unsuitable for housing purposes and no reasonable program of modification is cost-effective to return 31 units to useful life. SPHA may disposition the remaining 206 units from the public housing program to a HCV platform or other applicable funding source, to recapitalize the property and finance construction of a 60-unit midrise and major rehabilitation of the 206 family apartments.  All units in Jordan Park are in need of major and extensive rehab, with an estimated $14 million needed for immediate repairs. The property cannot be sufficiently improved or maintained in its current configuration as 100% public housing and 100% tax credits. The planned new construction of senior housing provides an additional 29 units of senior housing for low income persons to the south St. Petersburg community.

Conversion of Public Housing to Project-Based Assistance under RAD
SPHA may convert a portion of its Public Housing units RAD.

Project Based Vouchers
SPHA may project base up to 20% of its total voucher allocation for the recapitalization of Jordan Park/AMP3 and/or the AMP2 units. This is consistent with the PHA Plan as it will assist in maximizing HCV lease up and improve the quality of housing selection in south St. Petersburg. 

SPHA plans to create veterans housing via acquisition or construction of Project Based Section 8 units, using public housing sale proceeds, in accordance with 24 CFR 970.19 (e)(2)(i). SPHA will solicit a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Project Based Vouchers. SPHA may choose to do a solicitation for regular Project Based Vouchers or VASH Project Based Vouchers.

Units with Approved Vacancies for Modernization
SPHA has several projects planned with its Capital Fund grants that may require units to be taken offline as approved vacancies for modernization. All work has been approved in the various capital fund budgets and includes, but is not limited to, kitchen and bathroom remodels, flooring replacements, etc.

Other Capital Grant Programs
SPHA may apply for Family Self-Sufficiency Grants, Emergency Safety and Security Grants, or other available grants to further family self-sufficiency, homeownership preparation, or related purposes as they become available.



St. Petersburg Housing Authority (SPHA)
2021 Annual Plan
HUD-50075-HP; Attachment #3

B3. Progress Report

  1. Improve marketing, public relations, and community relations
    • In July 2020 SPHA hired a new CEO. The CEO is meeting with stakeholders including residents, local, county and state officials, and other partners and agencies to continue to improve and foster excellent working relationships. SPHA produces annual reporting to the City and State with current information about SPHA operations. The agency's website ( is utilized to share agency news and accomplishments with the general public, along with distributing information regarding services, classes and other information beneficial to residents. In addition, SPHA distributes a regular landlord newsletter, specifically targeted for HCV landlords, which includes training and program information. SPHA also distributes a monthly newsletter to public housing tenants to keep them informed of agency activities, requirements, and plans.
    • SPHA plans an ongoing press release program where staff pitches positive stories to local reporters and regularly sends press releases dealing with positive achievements.
    • SPHA staff is working to identify residents who are interested in continuing their education and to provide them with information about scholarships offered by national housing industry organizations. Over the last three years, we have partnered with St. Petersburg College to offer local scholarship opportunities, specifically for SPHA public housing residents.
  2. Develop and execute property strategy
    • SPHA reached its goal of divesting and disposing of its commercial properties in 2015 to further its core purpose of providing "...a variety of safe, sanitary, accessible, decent and affordable housing..." to low income families. SPHA plans to dispose of its sole scattered site single family home located at 4326 14th Avenue South by sale to a resident and/or program participant. 
    • SPHA plans to acquire and/or develop additional affordable housing using some or all of the following: public housing sales proceeds (which may be used for Project Based HCV units), 4% tax credits, 9% tax credits, bonds, financing through the Pinellas County Housing Finance Authority, grants, mortgages, and/or other sources.
  3. Develop and implement Veterans' Housing Initiative
    • SPHA plans to acquire, acquire with rehab, or construct housing for veterans. The units may include some or all of the following:  public housing units, Project Based Section 8 units, affordable units and/or possibly market rate units. A portion of the units will be handicap-accessible, with "Wounded Warriors" in mind. SPHA may consider partnering with another Housing Authority or organization on this project. SPHA may also consider issuing a Request for Proposals from developers or other partners. If using Project Based Vouchers, SPHA plans for the project to serve 'qualified families,' which may include elderly and/or disabled families or those receiving supportive services.
    • SPHA may choose to issue a Request for Proposals for Project Based Vouchers. SPHA may project base up to 20% of its Housing Choice Vouchers.
  4. Develop succession plan
    • SPHA has completed a preliminary succession plan that details the current agency needs and implements a plan on how to meet those needs.
    • A few members of SPHA staff may plan to retire within the next 1-5 years, and training has commenced with current staff for potential replacements.
  5. Develop funding gap strategy
    • SPHA plans to utilize other funding sources outside of HUD, which may include tax credits, bonds, grants, creating a nonprofit (RISE Development Corporation), and creating a for profit entity to generate revenue through expertise (training other housing authorities and outside entities for a fee, providing property management to private organizations, conducting HQS inspections for neighboring housing authorities, etc.).
    • SPHA plans to submit an application for the Moving to Work (MTW) Program when the opportunity arises. Becoming a MTW agency will allow SPHA to move funds to the areas in need in order to improve the efficient and effective operation of our programs and serve the community.
  6. Continue Commissioner certification training and development guidelines and processes
    • All new Commissioners are encouraged by the Board to receive professional third-party training on the basics of serving on a Public Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.
    • SPHA staff members also provide a new Commissioner Orientation presentation on SPHA's current operations to all new Commissioners.
  7. Continue to work on three (3) Legislative actions as joint projects with area housing authorities.
    1. Stop 'Pay to Stay' - national resolution
    2. '5 and up' (time limits) - national resolution
    3. Agency name change - state resolution

SPHA intends to join the efforts of other agencies and PHA organizations to promote these important initiatives for enhancing family self-sufficiency, to assist additional families and to operate more effectively.