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IFQ #20-002 Organizational Assessment

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Invitation for Quote (IFQ) #20-002
Organizational Assessment Consultant

September 16, 2020


The Housing Authority of the City of St. Petersburg (also referred to as the St. Petersburg Housing Authority or SPHA) seeks quotes from qualified consultants to review, assess and make recommendations regarding the HA's organizational structure and operational functions. SPHA seeks to better understand the opportunities and challenges in transforming the HA's operating model via improved efficiency and effectiveness to ensure long-term success. This assessment will offer SPHA insight into how the HA's departmental operating models support organizational effectiveness and optimal operation. Further, the organizational assessments will help SPHA evolve to better advance its mission, vision and values by determining the extent to which its departmental operations are positioned to meet current and future needs of the organization and community. This will require an objective assessment of the organizational capabilities, structure and culture, and the opportunities and challenges facing SPHA and each of its departments. The project will assess the environment across each department related to people, policies, processes and technology.

SPHA currently has 43 employees.

The St. Petersburg Housing Authority intends to enter into a contract with a single firm for the requested services.

Respondents are solely and entirely responsible for ensuring that submissions are received before the stated due date and time. Proposed quotes will not be accepted after the date and time stated above. Incomplete quotes that do not conform to the requirements specified herein will not be considered. Issuance of this solicitation does not obligate the SPHA to award a contract, nor is the SPHA liable for any costs incurred by the Contractor in preparation and submittal of proposals for the subject work.

Scope of Services 

  1. Work with CEO, top-level and mid-level management to review, evaluate and recommend an organizational structure that lends itself to real estate development, communications, and supportive services to SPHA's customer base
    1. Understand the current structure and the operational functions of the various departments
      1. Conduct an analysis of the existing workflows and processes
      2. Design an appropriate organizational structure
    2. Identify and define roles, including review and recommendations for management descriptions
      1. Recommendations may come in the form of unchanging positons, combined positions, and/or new positions.
        1. Complete a thorough and in-depth analysis of the current salary structure, including competitiveness and present benchmark findings
        2. Examine the equity of pay among present full-time employees based on qualifications, experience and tenure.
        3. Develop new job accountabilities for new positions, as applicable
  2. Conduct a situational analysis of the SPHA organization
    1. Identify and assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the SPHA organization.
      1. Assess HUD's Comprehensive Management Review report conclusions recently completed for SPHA (SPHA to provide) and make any recommendations for implementation.
    2. Identify the current and future needs of the Agency's departments and what gaps exist in meeting those needs, and barriers to addressing those gaps.
    3. Facilitate the development of goals and objectives that support the Vision, Values, and Mission of SPHA.
    4. Engage employees, solicit and provide an opportunity for feedback throughout the assessment process
    5. Identify organizational approaches and changes for effective provision of services within each department.
    6. Identify steps and resources necessary to move from Agency's current state to future state.
  3. Assistance with implementation of recommendations
    1. Summary of approach and sample implementation plan
    2. Monitoring of implementation plan through monthly progress report and benchmarking, and any recommended modifications.
  4. Deliverables
    1. Provide recommendations and an implementation roadmap draft report
      1. Use review and feedback from SPHA CEO and identified staff to adjust as necessary
      2. Develop final report summarizing findings and recommendations outlined in the scope of work
    2. Final report must include all supporting documents, sample forms, explanations of methodologies used, and data sources employed, etc.
    3. Report must outline how implementation relates to the vision, mission and values of the organization.
    4. Report must be useful to staff to identify where gaps in training, leadership, and expertise could impact future growth.
    5. Observations and recommendations regarding the overall Agency, administration, services, talent management, use/capabilities of technology, and culture of the organization.
    6. Proposal must include an outline of the process for assessments, including the expected time commitment of each SPHA department and employees within the department.
    7. The final report and formal recommendations must be completed in a timely and efficient manner, preferably 60 days after successful contractor is given written authorization to proceed.
    8. The final written report must be electronically available.
    9. Contractor may also be required to provide an in-person presentation and field questions from and for SPHA. Should a presentation be required, additional supporting documents may be requested.
    10. Depending on the extent of recommended organizational changes, provide a list of cost saving measures to maintain or increase current levels of service and improve overall efficiency.

Quote Requirements

Quotes should be prepared in a straightforward manner to satisfy the requirements of the Scope of Services. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content.

Summary:  Describe the firm's interest in the project and commitment of personnel to the project; include a comprehensive scope of services to be performed, including firm's methodology for facilitating organizational assessment and producing deliverables. Describe the process, tasks, and timeline.

Qualifications: Include an overview of your firm's experience in providing organizational assessment and restructuring, consultation and facilitation, specifically for public housing agencies. Include biographical sketches of the principal(s) and staff who would be conducting the review.

References: Include a list of client references, minimum of three (3), which includes description of scope of services provided and industry.

Quote: Provide a cost that includes a number of estimated hours, billing rate, and estimated out-of-pocket reimbursable costs for all work described herein.


During the period of the contract, Contractor shall provide all the services described in the contract. SPHA shall have no obligation to Contractor if no services are required. Any quantities that are included in the scope of work reflect the current expectations of the SPHA for the period of the contract. The amount is only an estimate and Contractor understands and agrees that the SPHA is under no obligation to Contractor to buy any amount of the services as a result of having provided this estimate or of having any typical or measurable requirement in the past. Contractor further understands and agrees that the SPHA may require services in an amount less than or in excess of the estimated annual contract amount and that the quantity actually used, whether in excess of the estimate or less than the estimate, shall not give rise to any claim for compensation other than the total of the unit prices in the contract for the quantity actually used.

The SPHA will procure the applicable goods or services by issuance of an Agreement (which shall have the same meaning as a "contract"). By submitting a bid, the successful bidder thereby agrees to confirm receipt of the Agreement in the manner directed by the SPHA.

Failure to complete and submit all required information, or to add any additional requirements not acceptable to the SPHA, may invalidate the bid submitted. Furthermore, the SPHA shall reserve the right to reject, without consideration, alternate bids, meaning those that do not meet the requirements of this Quote. 

By submitting a bid, and whereas the bid sum submitted is a firm-fixed bid, each bidder thereby agrees to "hold" or not increase the proposed bid prices during the term of the work.

Bid Costs
There shall be no obligation for the SPHA to compensate any bidder or prospective bidder for any costs that he/she may incur in responding to this QUOTE.

Shipping Costs
Each bid sum submitted shall include completion of the specified services at the SPHA site or location, as specified within this QUOTE or on any Agreement issued.

Assignment of Personnel
The SPHA shall retain the right to demand and receive a change in personnel assigned by the successful bidder to provide services to the SPHA if the SPHA believes that such change is in the best interest of the SPHA and the completion of the work or provision of the items.

Consistent with Presidential Executive Orders 11625, 12138, 12432 and Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968, all efforts shall be made to ensure that small and Minority-Owned Businesses, Women's Business Enterprises, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and individuals or firms located in or owned in substantial part by persons residing in the area of a SPHA project are used when possible.

Section 3
Contractor must describe proposed compliance with Section 3 of the Housing Act of 1968, as amended, regarding the provision of training and employment opportunities for low-income persons, with priority to residents of St. Petersburg., Florida.

SPHA encourages the hiring of residents by the Contractor for any employment opportunities available as a result of its contracts.  The Contractor will be asked to make every effort to hire residents and to post job opportunities in the Management Office of the communities where the work is to be performed.  The Contractor will be asked to report the hiring of any residents to assist SPHA in monitoring resident participation in the performance of work under its contracts, progress toward achieving established goals and in the development of future resident participation programs.    

Do not include copies of insurance certificates with the quote. SPHA will garner the necessary certificates from the successful Contractor prior to Contract execution.

The successful Contractor shall be required to furnish original Certificates of Insurance evidencing the required coverage to be in force on the date of the Contract, and Renewal Certificates of Insurance, or a copy of the policy, if the coverage has expiration or renewal date occurring during the term of this Contract or extensions thereof.  The receipt of any certificates does not constitute agreement by SPHA that the insurance requirements in the Contract have been fully met or that the insurance policies indicated on the certificates comply with all Contract requirements.  The insurance policies shall provide for thirty (30) days prior written notice to be given to SPHA in the event coverage is substantially changed, canceled, or non-renewed.

The Contractor agrees that insurers shall waive their rights of Subrogation against the St. Petersburg Housing Authority. Contractor expressly understands and agrees that any insurance or self insurance programs maintained by the St. Petersburg Housing Authority shall apply in excess of and not contribute with insurance provided by the successful Contractor under the Contract.

Approval, disapproval or failure to act by SPHA regarding any insurance supplied by Contractor shall not relieve proposer of full responsibility or liability for damages and accident as set forth in the contract documents.  Neither shall the bankruptcy, insolvency or denial of liability by the insurance company exonerate contractor from liability.

  • Commercial General Liability Policy - minimum of $500,000
  • Workers' Compensation Policy - Florida Statutory Limit
  • Automobile Liability - minimum of $500,000 each vehicle
  • SPHA must be listed as an additional insured

All work performed pursuant to the solicitation must conform and comply with all applicable local, state and federal codes, statutes, laws and regulations.

U.S.  Law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States - either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. The Contractor must certify compliance with E-verify, in that the Contractor is registered, uses, and will continue to use the E-Verify, Federal Work Authorization Program throughout the contract period.  The 1-page form (attached) must be fully completed, executed where provided thereon and will be a part of the contract.

Unauthorized Sub-Contracting Prohibited
The successful bidder shall not assign any right, nor delegate any duty for the work proposed pursuant to this QUOTE (including, but not limited to, selling or transferring the ensuing PO or contract) without the prior written consent of the CO. Any purported assignment of interest or delegation of duty, without the prior written consent of the CO shall be void and may result in the cancellation of the PO or the contract with the SPHA.

Licensing Requirements
By submitting a bid the successful bidder certifies that he/she possess and will, prior to issuance of a Purchase Order (PO) or execution of a contract, present to SPHA, proof and/or certification of the bidder's business license allowing that entity to provide such services.

In the course of performing the services under this Agreement, Contractor shall assume full liability for any and all claims and demands for injury and property damage caused by its employees, agents, or equipment.  To the extent any such claim is made or determined payable against SPHA, Contractor further shall indemnify and hold SPHA harmless, therefore.  This shall include any and all claims arising from the implementation of this Agreement and arising from the work and performance of services undertaken by Contractor, its employees, agents, or subcontractors and arising out of any other operation no matter by whom performed for and on behalf of Contractor, whether or not due in whole or in part to conditions, acts, or omissions done, or permitted by Contractor or SPHA.

To the full extent authorized by law, Contractor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend SPHA, its commissioners, employees, and agents from and against any and all liabilities, claims, damages, losses, suits, penalties, forfeitures, actions, decrees, judgments, attorneys' fees, court costs, and other costs and expenses incidental thereto (including but not limited to the cost of defense, settlement, judgment, and reasonable attorneys' fees) which SPHA, its officers, commissioners, employees, or agents may suffer or which may be sought against, recovered from, or obtainable against SPHA, its commissioners, employees, or agents, as a result of, by reason of, arising out of, on account of, or in consequence of any act or failure to act on the part of Contractor, its subcontractors or agents, or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any such subcontractors or agent, in the fulfillment or performance of the terms, conditions, or covenants that are contained in this Agreement, and which said act or failure to act is contrary to or is not authorized by this Agreement or is otherwise negligent, wanton, willful, or contrary to any applicable law, regulation, or recognized standard of practice or performance.  The covenants and obligations set forth in the preceding sentence shall exist and remain in full effect notwithstanding the fact that the occurrence which gave rise to such claim, damage, loss, liability, suit, action, judgment, or expense was caused in part by the negligence or other wrongful act of any party indemnified hereunder.   Nothing contained herein shall waive any rights, privileges, immunities, or limitations of liability to which SPHA is entitled under §768.28 of the Florida Statues (which limits recovery for damages against a governmental entity) or under any other present or future statute or rule of law which limits any liability of SPHA in any manner. 

SPHA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if such action is in the best interest of the housing authority and to waive any and all informalities and minor irregularities, at its sole discretion.  SPHA reserves the right to cancel this solicitation for any reason it deems is in the best interest of the agency.

Non-Collusive Affadavit
The party submitting this proposal or bid hereby certifies that such proposal or bid is genuine and not collusive and that said proposer entity has not colluded, conspired, connived or agreed, directly or indirectly, with any proposer or person to put in a sham proposal or bid or to refrain from proposing or bidding, and has not in any manner, directly or indirectly sought by agreement or collusion or communication or conference with any person, to fix the proposal or bid price of affiant or of any other proposer or bidder, to fix overhead, profit or cost elements of said proposal or bid price, or that any other proposer or bidder or to secure any advantage against the Housing Authority or any person interested in the proposed contract; and that all statements in said proposal or bids are true.

HUD Contract Documents That Apply To This IFQ
All the terms and requirements listed within each of the following documents are hereby included by reference as a part of this Quote request. The respondent thereby agrees to abide by all such terms and requirements. The respondent must inform SPHA in writing if he/she wishes to receive a copy of any of these documents: form HUD-­5369-B; form HUD-5369-C; form HUD-5370-C, Sections I and II; form HUD-5369; form HUD-5369-A; form HUD-5370; form HUD-5370-EZ; Form HUD 92010; Table 5.1 of HUD Procurement Handbook 7460.8 REV 2; and the contract clauses contained within 24 CFR 85.36(i).

A copy of 24 CFR 135, commonly known as Section 3 (included by reference; a copy will be delivered by the SPHA to any firm upon submission to the CO of a written request for such).  The successful respondent hereby agrees to comply with all requirements of the HUD Section 3 Program as detailed therein.  If a bidder chooses to certify as a Section 3 respondent, he/she shall receive the preference noted therein.  In any case, the successful respondent shall be required to, as detailed therein, "to the greatest extent feasible . . . provide economic opportunities to low- and very-low income persons," meaning, if the successful respondent must hire anyone to help with the work, he/she must submit a work plan showing how he/she will give first preference to such jobs to Section 3 persons.

Due Date
Quotes are due on or before October 8, 2020 by 4:00 p.m.

Send quotes to:
Pamela Hobbs, Procurement Officer, at

Quotes must have in the subject line "IFQ #20-002 - Organizational Assessment Consultant".

Section 3 Clause
Click here to go to the Additional Forms page to find the Section 3 Clause Form